Have You Seen This? Deer seeks sanctuary in church as hunting season begins

Have You Seen This? Deer seeks sanctuary in church as hunting season begins

Have You Seen This? Deer seeks sanctuary in church as hunting season begins (Jon Yoder, Facebook)

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THE CHAPEL — We all love to see cinematic-level drama play out on the big screen. But sometimes when it happens in real life, things can get awkward.

Like that time my high school football team played a game in Hawaii and we went snorkeling one day. We had to get all the rental gear back by a certain time to avoid extra charges, but two of our teammates didn't make the deadline. One of our coaches dropped to his knees, raised his clenched fists to the sky, and screamed, "Bingham!" to the heavens. That was the name of one of the tardy players.

You watch that happen on "Friday Night Lights" and it hits deep. You see the offensive line coach do it in his palm tree bathing suit and farmer's tan and it just feels different.

There are other times, however, when big-screen drama plays out in real life and it's almost too perfect. That's what I feel from this video.

Jon Yoder posted the video on Twitter showing a deer that broke into his church and started running all about. I personally think the animal was searching for something — sanctuary.

That's because this happened on the opening day of deer season in Michigan. Deer don't have vocal cords, but if they did I assume this deer would have been screaming, "Sanctuary! Sanctuary! I need sanctuary!"

But it's a deer and no words came out, just a lot of leaping and confusion. Eventually the animal realized no sanctuary would be given and he found the window and took his chances back out in the wild.

This is movie-like drama that totally worked. The sand-covered assistant coach didn't play quite as well.

Have You Seen This?

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