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More than 300 messages of thanks poured in from across Utah for this week's Unexpected Heroes: Pharmacists

By Whitney Evans, | Posted - Jun. 12, 2020 at 9:42 p.m.

This article is part of a series where we thank the Unexpected Heroes who put themselves at risk to keep Utah running during the coronavirus pandemic. Every Monday, we'll highlight a different industry and ask you to write in to thank the workers in that industry for their service. During the week, we'll profile someone who works in that industry. Every Friday, we'll publish some of your submissions and send the messages of thanks to those in the field.

SALT LAKE CITY — From answering health questions and being many folks' first point of contact when they're sick, to making sure various medications interact well with each other, the work of a pharmacist and pharmacy techs is high stress in normal times.

Add to that a global pandemic.

We wanted to thank you, this week's Unexpected Heroes.

More than 300 people wrote in with messages of support and gratitude.

Here's what Utahns had to say

"I've been in pharmacy for many years; I know I speak for many when I say it's a privilege to be in such an amazing field where we work so closely with other medical staff to help keep you healthy! I love being a pharmacist, I wouldn't trade it for any other job. So if you want to thank your pharmacy staff, remember they are people and be kind to them. That will go further than words will ever go.

"To my pharmacist who works 13 hour days with no lunch because he can’t leave the pharmacy unattended but still has a smile on his face and is happy to answer all of my questions ... THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to look over all my medications different doctors have prescribed and making sure they all work together nicely. Thank you for going to work every day and risking being exposed to Covid so that all of your patients could have the drugs we need! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

"Pharmacists have always been heroes, but it's good to see them finally getting the recognition they deserve.

"I work in a pharmacy but have been off work through all of this to take care of my at-risk child. Pharmacies get crap for not being considered medical but they are often the front line. Where do you go if you have a cough, or any ailment, and you don't want to pay a doctor? You go to the pharmacy and ask them for suggestions. So they may be some of the first exposed. Also, I know the abuse that comes from some of these people. Know you are better than that, and know that you also have many supporters.

"Thank you pharmacy workers! You work hard with few breaks, and most people have no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes to get prescriptions ready! ♥️ My pharmacy friends!

"To my wife. Who gives so much to help our family and all the families in our community stay healthy. Even on those long days where you are exhausted by the end of it you will still stop and help anyone on your way out of the pharmacy. You are our Hero.

"Thank you very much. It would be difficult to deal with migraines and children's illnesses without the help of pharmacists. I appreciate that you continue to work through the pandemic.

"Thank you all for all your hard work during these last few months. They have been scary and tiring for us all, however, we are in this together and we appreciate what you do. Love and prayers from your pharmacy family in Iowa ❤️

"Thank you pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for all you do! You are on the front lines of patient care. Your dedication, hard work and knowledge is often underestimated and undervalued. Thank you for all that you do. You are true #HealthCareHeroes!

"I would like to thank the pharmacists and pharmacy techs for all the support I have received. They have run my medicine out to my car, they have even made me a mask. They are the best, and answer questions that I have with smiles on their faces. They are my heroes!!

Editor's note: The submissions have been edited for content and clarity.

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