Have You Seen This? The most impressive trampoline jump ever

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Jul. 9, 2019 at 6:31 p.m.

THE BACKYARD — The trampoline is one of the most quintessential venues of childhood. Friends gather to bounce, hold secret meetings and challenge each other in games.

I remember jumping with blankets, pool noodles and balls on more than one occasion. Jedi-skirmishes, dodgeball and superhero flying are so much more fun when you can leap through the air.

Other times, props were forgotten in lieu of cool moves. To this day, few things dazzle me as much as a trampoline backflip.

As impressive as my trampoline escapades were, this video shows a group of kids who have elevated backyard jumping to a whole new level — literally.

It starts out with an impressive, but normal jump. Then, four friends hit the tramp in unison to help their pal reach new heights. Perfect timing, and it works like a charm!

Ernest, the boy being propelled into the sky like a monkey shot from a circus cannon, pulls himself into a dizzying number of spins.

I doubt Tony Hawk has ever seen that much air.

For the grand finale, the fifth boy drags over a mattress so Ernest can land safely. I couldn’t trust anyone to do the dishes, let alone save my life! But this group of intrepid teens can, and that’s what makes this video so cool.

We often tell kids to reach for the stars, usually intended as a metaphor for chasing their dreams as they grow up. But for this gang of friends, statements like that are a challenge to be taken on immediately and literally.

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Katie Workman

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