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Have You Seen This? Time to eat a fire ball

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Jul 8th, 2019 @ 2:38pm

STREET FOOD LAND — There is something intriguing about food trucks, food carts and street food. I can't really put my finger on it considering it's usually way ovepriced, there is nowhere to sit, the lines are long, and you're always rolling the dice on whether you're going to get some kind of stomach bug. But we as human beings love this stuff and continue to eat it even though it could possibly kill us.

Take this video for example. I'm sure this dish is pretty tasty, but is it worth the potential hospital visit? The chef puts together this handheld morsel and then sets it ablaze. That's not really that surprising, because food is set on fire pretty regularly. For example, there is baked Alaska, bananas flambé or pretty much every hot dish I make when it inevitably goes awry.

But this chef doesn't wait for the flame to die down before feeding it to the customer, instead, he shoves the whole flaming bite into the patron's mouth.

Everything seemed to be OK, but I couldn't help but think of when you eat pizza and you're so excited about all that melty cheese that you can't wait to eat it. But then you take that first bite and it burns the roof of your mouth and the rest of the pie is tasteless because your mouth is now a burn recovery room.

Maybe I should be more adventurous with food, but for now, I'll just watch this extreme dining and go back to my hot pizza.

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John Clyde

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