Coach Kim: How to have a healthy, positive mindset around dating

Coach Kim: How to have a healthy, positive mindset around dating

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SALT LAKE CITY — In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim shares how to thrive in singleness and have a good mindset around dating.


You talk a lot about marriage and how to have better relationships, but do you have any advice for single people who are alone or dating? It is a pretty discouraging experience and I go through times of giving up and times where I try yet again to meet people, but it’s often hard on my self-esteem. How can I have a healthy mindset around dating and being single?


I'm glad you asked this question because I think you're right — there are lots of people out there who are struggling to be happy and date in a healthy way. In our culture, being single sometimes comes with a stigma that you aren’t experiencing the life you should be. This can create subconscious shame and a feeling that you should be somewhere else. The problem with this thinking is it hinders your ability to accept, embrace and thrive in your life right now.

I write often about your option to choose to believe you are always right where you are supposed to be, having the perfect classroom journey for you. This mindset helps you to settle into where you are and work on thriving there in the healthiest way you can. These 10 suggestions may help increase your happiness as a single person.

As for dating, here are some tips to consider that might make it more fun and less trying:

1. Remember your value is not on the line

You may fear rejection because you think it's relative to your value. It's not. Rejection from anyone just means they aren’t part of your perfect journey and that doesn’t change your value. You are the same person whether they like you or not. You can choose to experience rejection as a self-esteem crushing experience or you can choose to see yourself as bulletproof and trust that nothing can diminish you. You can choose to trust that your value isn’t on the line and, therefore, there is nothing to fear. This may make dating much less stressful.

2. Remember what other people think of you doesn’t matter

You are the same you with the same value as everyone else, no matter what anyone else may think. Their opinions can’t diminish you in any way unless you let them. You must not give this destructive fear any power.

3. See your life as a classroom, not a testing center

You are here to learn and grow. Every experience is a lesson, not a test. Your value as an irreplaceable, unique human soul never changes. Every dating experience is serving you with perfect lessons which can serve your life and teach you things. Every person you meet is there to show you something about yourself and help you grow. Most of these teachers may not stay in your life long. Practice being grateful for each lesson, no matter how it shows up.

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4.If a person is the right one for you, they will like you no matter what you do

If they aren’t the right one, then it won’t work out. This will leave you open for the right one. Either way, you are fine. Remember there is nothing more than this on the line.

5. There is a right person for you out there

You will meet this person right on time. This person will like the real you and you will not have to impress this person. They will like you even if you make a fool of yourself. You cannot mess this one up because it is meant to happen. If someone is the wrong person for you, then you can’t make it work no matter how "perfect" you are. It won’t work because it’s not supposed to work. Either way, you are fine. Do not attach any drama or emotion to whether a person likes you or not.

6. There is nothing to fear

You can go out, meet people and socialize without any fear whatsoever. You can do this because you accurately understand who you are and the nature of your life journey. If your value isn’t on the line and the right person will find you when they're supposed to, then you can just relax, have fun and look for opportunities to be kind to other people. Start focusing on giving, loving and edifying others, instead of worrying about yourself. You will be happier.

When you choose to focus on other people and making friends (and you stop worrying about your fears), it can become a fun and uplifting experience. Choose to believe you are right where you are supposed to be right now and that learning to thrive here is your No. 1 job. Seeing it this way will make you feel better.

You can do this.

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Coach Kimberly Giles is a sought after life coach, speaker and corporate trainer. Visit her website and click on resources to get a free worksheet on fearless dating.

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Coach Kim Giles is a master life coach and speaker who helps clients improve themselves and their relationships. She is the author of "Choosing Clarity: The Path to Fearlessness" and has a free clarity assessment available on her website. Learn more at


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