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Have You Seen This? Man won't stop putting hand in subway door's way

By Xoel Cardenas, KSL.com | Posted - May. 13, 2019 at 3:15 p.m.

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THE SUBWAY — Commuting can be a stressful thing to do. It seems like every time you need to be on time somewhere, you get stuck in traffic, the bus is running late or there’s a malfunction on the train that’ll cause delays.

When it comes to trains, it’s usually a power issue that’ll keep you stuck on the train.

In this video, commuters are delayed not because of an electrical problem; they’re delayed due to a door problem — created by a man and his plastic bag.

At a Tokyo subway station platform, we see a man holding the subway cart door. At first, it seems like he’s trying to talk to someone or perhaps wants to get out. We then see a transit official walk over and seemingly tell the man to stand back.

As soon as the transit official leaves, the man puts his hand in the way as the subway doors begin to close, causing another delay.

I don’t know whether the man is confused or just trolling, but the man puts his hand in the way several more times. The transit official once again walks over and even pushed the man’s hand back.

The man is clearly upset now. He’s talking back to the transit official and then another passenger on the train tries to pull the man’s arm back.

Finally, a higher-ranking transit official (see the red stripe on the hat and patches on his sleeve) walks over, stands right in front of the man, and makes sure the door closes. The man tries to stop the doors with his foot, but it’s to no avail — and probably to the relief of every other passenger on the train.

The moral of this story: If you’re upset about something on the train, please get out and allow others to go.

And if you’re just trying to be a troll, do all of us a favor and please stop. We need fewer trolls in the world.

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Xoel Cardenas

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