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Have You Seen This? What a 5.9 magnitude earthquake looks like under water

By John Clyde, KSL.com Contributor | Posted - Feb 15th, 2019 @ 1:43pm

UNDER THE SEA — Ever wondered what an earthquake looks like underwater? Me either, but now that we have this video I can't believe I wasn't curious until now.

Diver Jan Paul Rodriguez captured this video while on a dive in the Philippines.

Rodriguez is a member of the Philippines Coast Guard and got the video during the Batangas earthquake swarms in 2017. Yes, this video is a few years old, but that doesn't make it any less impressive, and I can't figure out why the video doesn't even have half a million views.

Everything seems calm, but when the earth starts moving everything changes. You can actually see the seabed shake and then everything becomes a cloud of dust as the quake kicks up the sand. The noise of the quake is also somehow even creepier under water as it seems to hollowly resonate straight through your body.

I'm not sure I would have kept my cool because I'm afraid of virtually everything and that includes being underwater and earthquakes. Combine those two and suddenly an underwater earthquake is one of my new nightmares.

Truth be told, it seems like the divers are fairly safe as they float above the chaos on the sea floor, but I'd be concerned about what comes next. Thankfully this quake was only a 5.9 and didn't cause any massive waves.

The best part about this video is the next time someone asks, "Hey, do you know what an earthquake looks like under the water?" You can confidently respond with, "Yes. Yes, I do." Because I'm assuming a lot of you get asked this on a fairly regular basis.

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