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Wednesday's Child: 'If we don't find a home for them, they may never have a home'

By Ashley Kewish, KSL TV | Posted - Feb 28th, 2018 @ 7:00pm

WEST VALLEY CITY — If you take a walk with 9-year-old Nate and 11-year-old Elise, you'll notice a kindness and connection only a brother and sister can share.

"Nate is constantly kissing Elise," said Tanya Schwemmer, a caseworker with the Department of Child and Family Services. "They're just good kids."

They're two "good kids" walking a path on a difficult road.

"They have been with DCFS for 3 1/2 years," Schwemmer said.

Those years have included multiple moves from one foster home to another. The siblings don't just share a life in state custody, they also share a tough diagnosis.

"They do have what's called tuberous sclerosis, which is where they develop tumors throughout their body," Schwemmer said.

Nate and Elise have both undergone numerous surgeries, and there could be more to come.

"They were born that way and the tumors just keep coming back," Schwemmer said.

Medical issues aside, Schwemmer believes the brother and sister should have something she says every child deserves.

"I want the best for them," Schwemmer said. "I want a family that can care for them, love them, and play with them."

She said if the right family doesn't come along, the two may eventually end up in a long-term care facility. Schwemmer says she doesn't want to see that happen.

"It's sad," she said. "If we don't find a home for them, they may never a home."

To learn more about Nate and Elise or the many other children living in Utah Foster Care, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444.

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