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Police want help identifying 3 caught on surveillance in South Ogden double homicide

By Ben Lockhart | Posted - Dec. 13, 2016 at 6:55 p.m.

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SOUTH OGDEN — Police are asking South Ogden residents and other members of the public to examine surveillance videos to help identify three people they say are responsible for the deaths of two men in a shooting Friday.

Cyle VanKomen, 24, and Kevin Nelson, 61, were killed in the shooting at VanKomen's home, 3636 S. Ogden Ave.

In addition, a 20-year-old man was seriously injured in the shooting and was "fighting for his life" Tuesday in the hospital, according to a statement from police. He also lived at the home with VanKomen.

South Ogden police have released surveillance videos that appear to show three people approaching the home in question and peering into windows shortly before the shooting.

Police Chief Darin Parke said the three people were outside the home for a significant period of time before committing the shooting.

"This was not a random act," Parke told reporters. "There was a specific intent targeted (toward) that home and to those people."

Investigators believe at least one of the victims was singled out, though Park didn't specify which one. It's possible all three men were specifically sought out, he said.

One surveillance video shows one of the suspects crouching down in the yard of the home where the shooting occurred, then beckoning the second person to join them. A third person joins the other two a short time later. The first person in the video appears at one point to point a handgun in the direction of the home.

Another video shows them right next to the home and peering into windows. A third video appears to show one person jumping a fence and then placing a handgun into a bag slung around their waist.

Descriptions of the attackers' appearances are limited because the surveillance images were captured using night vision. But Parke said all three appeared to be wearing plastic masks, including one who was apparently wearing a paintball mask.

The genders of the three people are not clear from the video. Police also have no description of any vehicle they may have been using.

Parke asked for cooperation from any witnesses who may be hesitating to come forward because of drug use or underage drinking that night in or around the home.

"We're not concerned about someone who may have been over there smoking marijuana. … I would remind you we are focusing on a homicide and not on other offenses," he said.


The home has a reputation for people visiting to "drink beer and smoke marijuana," according to Parke. Twice in the past year police have been called for noise violations after neighbors complained about parties, he said. Police have also issued a citation due to the poorly maintained yard.

But police don't believe the home was associated with any gang activity, Parke said.

"I do not believe they were bad people," he said of the victims, adding he is releasing information about the home in hopes of catching the attackers. "I'm not trying to disparage their lifestyle or their conduct. … We have people who have been murdered."

Parke said he hopes people watch the surveillance video and be able to identify the mannerisms of the attackers.

Police have recovered additional surveillance that they haven't yet released, according to Parke. Citing "the integrity of the investigation," he declined to answer additional questions about a possible motive for the attack or whether there were any other people inside the home at the time of the shooting.

Right now, investigators are fixated on finding answers for the families of the victims, the chief added.

"They are in our hearts and prayers," he said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact South Ogden police by calling dispatchers at 801-629-8221.


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