The best New Year's resolution you could make in 2016

The best New Year's resolution you could make in 2016

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SALT LAKE CITY — Every year I make a recommendation of a resolution you could make that would make the biggest difference in your life. (Look at past suggestions here — forgiveness, better communication skills, seeing all people as the same, etc.)

You have many great options, but this year I would encourage you to make one important daily goal — to trust God, the universe and the process of life more and fear and worry less.

If you trust the universe and life that they are always on your side, even conspiring to serve you and educate you every second of your life, you will see everything as a blessing and you will have more joy.

Right now, you may suffer daily from a fear of loss, which is the fear of everything that could go wrong in your life. Right now, you may see life and the universe as random and chaotic (at least at the subconscious level). You may believe that because of free agency, we are all running around making choices that affect other people's journeys and because of that you can lose things or opportunities you should have had. You may believe you can ruin your life or that others could ruin it. All of this leads to stress, worry, anger, distrust and misery, but there is a way out.

You could choose to see life as a perfect, divine, classroom where nothing can go wrong and you can't lose anything you should have had, because you and the universe are always creating your perfect classroom journey, every second of every day. (When I say "perfect" I don't mean that you are always going to like it though. I define perfect as: exactly fitting a certain situation or for a certain purpose.)

I believe the universe is a wise teacher and life is a perfect classroom. This means every experience is always the perfectly fitting lesson for each of us at that time. It means we can't lose anything unless it is our perfect classroom to lose it and if we trusted this we would suffer somewhat less.

But each of us must accept this idea as a principle of truth, for it to have power in our life, so let me explain why I believe it is truth.

Everywhere I look in the universe I see perfect order. I believe God is a God of order. I also believe his ultimate objective is the education and growth of us, his children. I believe God created this universe to be our classroom and this universe does nothing except conspire to serve and educate us, because that is its job.

I don't believe in predestination though. I believe we have complete free agency and are co-creating our journey with the universe every day. I believe it responds to everything you think, choose, believe and do, and brings you the perfect lessons you need next.


I believe this is truth because I see so much divine order in the universe that it staggers my imagination. There are millions of coincidences operating with infinite precision all around us and they could be signs to us that a higher power is in charge. Let me give you some examples:

  • There is a precise [79 percent to 21 percent mixture of gases ](< >)on this planet. The exact mixture to support life. Anything different and the planet would be uninhabitable.
  • One-quarter of Earth's surface is dry land, and three-quarters is covered with water. The proportion of water and land determines the precise amount of rainfall on Earth. Any other combination and we couldn't survive.
  • The moon and the sun appear the same size to us because the moon is 400 times smaller, while sitting exactly 1/400th of the distance between the Earth and the sun. The moon is perfectly round and the exact right size and distance to make a full lunar eclipse possible. It is statistically impossible that the moon would have ended up there and that size by accident.
  • The moon also precisely mirrors the angle and place on the horizon as the sun, so a midsummer full moon sets at the same angle and place on the horizon as a midwinter sun. This exact alignment of planets is statistically impossible.
  • The mass and size of the moon with its exact gravitational pull stabilizes the Earth and keeps it spinning on its axis slightly tilted. Without the moon exactly as it is, the Earth would wobble, making it uninhabitable.
  • The ratio of the size of the Earth to the size of the moon is approximately 11 to 3. Now get this, 11 3 = 3.66 (Pay attention to that number 366 because that's just the beginning of the coincidences).
  • Over 10,000 days, the moon will orbit the Earth exactly 366 times. This has nothing to do with the fact that the Earth orbits the sun in 365.24 days.
  • Now take (1000 x 360 x 365.24) and you get 131,486,400.
  • The equatorial circumference of the Earth is 131,486,400 feet — a coincidence?
  • Ancient peoples, who didn't know each other, all from different corners of the planet, used a universal measurement called the megalithic yard to build their pyramids and structures. This yard was based on the orbit of the Earth around the sun, the spin of the Earth and the mass of the Earth. The megalithic yard is a highly scientific empirical means to measure. Keep this in mind.
  • Earth's diameter equals 7,920 miles.
  • Moon's diameter equals 792 megalithic miles.
  • Perimeter of the square containing the circle of the Earth equals 31,680 miles.
  • Perimeter of the square containing the circle of the moon equals 3,168 megalithic miles.
  • Sun's diameter equals 864,000 miles equals 316,800 megalithic miles.
  • The number of seconds in a day (86,400), times 10, is the same as the approximate diameter of the sun (864,000 miles)?
Are you seeing perfect order in the universe yet? This one will blow you away.

  • All the planets in our solar system make beautiful patterns in the sky as observed from Earth through their respective orbital cycles, with Venus making the most astounding figure: a lotus flower that is completely unreal but true. If scientists drew Venus' path viewed from Earth during its eight-year cycle they would get the figure below.
  • Screenshot 2015-12-27 at 8.24.jpg
Adri de Groot, Ph.D., says, "From a mathematical probability perspective, the precision by which our Solar System functions goes well beyond what any Swiss watchmaker could ever hope for."

Myles Standish, a mathematical astronomer and a former professor at Yale University, said, "if the Earth rotated just a fraction of a percent faster or slower, or if it was just a fraction closer or further away from the sun, or if it rotated at a slightly different speed, or if the Moon were positioned differently or rotated and went around the Earth at a slightly different speed, life on Earth would not be possible."

But there is more.

  • The natural progression known as the "Fibonacci Series" or the golden ratio is a progressive series of numbers, where you start with the first two numbers, then you add their total to generate the next number, and so on — 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377. … The Fibonacci Series can be seen everywhere in nature from the seeds in a sunflower to the petals of any flower to pine cones, nautilus shells, etc. Some see this as God's fingerprint and as mathematical proof of order in the universe.
Our bodies are also miracles.

  • The atomic mass of every amino acid that makes up our human bodies — all 20 of them — are a multiple of 37 (a prime number). The odds of this pattern emerging by random chance was calculated to be one in a decillion ( which is a 1 followed by 33 zeros). There are other places where the number 37 is significant in astronomy, physics, language and biology.
  • By the way, the normal temperature of the human body is 37 degrees C.
Stephen Hawkins said, "the odds of the universe like ours emerging out of something like the big bang are enormous. We don't know why the masses and forces in the universe are what they are — but without their values being precisely what they are — we wouldn't exist."

Amir Aczel, author of the book "Why Science Does Not Disprove God," said, "The odds against a universe (like ours existing) with life and intelligence on it (as we are) are at most 1 to a number that has a 1 followed by 10 raised to the power of 117 zeros."

I believe that a God, who is powerful enough to create a universe with this much perfect order, would never leave the thing he cares about most — your education — to random chance.

Do you really think he sent you down here to muddle through whatever chaos came your way, just hoping you would learn something of value from the battle?

Or do you think he is capable of creating a universe with the forces necessary to educate each soul in the exact way that soul needs to be educated?

God is the author of this whole thing, the universe, you, and your life. There are no accidents or coincidences, and we are safe in God's hands the entire time. (At least this is a perspective you can choose to have, which will have an amazing and positive effect on your life.)

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You simply have two choices. You can see God as the author of all things and trust him, letting go of your fears, worries, expectations, attachments and misery. You can trust the universe and the process of life, go with the flow, expect amazing, interesting, educational things to come your way, and see whatever happens as perfect. Or you can keep trying to control things you can't possibly control, resist what is and suffer a great deal.

It's up to you.

Make a goal this year to see miracles everywhere, look for the perfect lessons in everything and trust God, the universe and the process of life that everything will work out in the end. This will make you less grouchy and less stressed, and much more happy.

You can do this.

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