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Police working to ID burglars who stole credit cards, golf clubs from garage

By Pat Reavy and Sandra Yi | Posted - Jul 1st, 2013 @ 5:28pm

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RIVERTON — Police were looking Monday for a brazen burglar they believe stole credit cards from a garage while the homeowner was outside mowing her lawn.

Because of past thefts in the neighborhood, the homeowner and her husband, who are both firefighters, recently installed security cameras. They ended up catching the crime on video.

About 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jenn Bevan was mowing her lawn when police say a man pulled into her driveway, stole golf clubs and several other items out of her garage, smashed a window of the woman's car and stole her credit cards.

"When I put the lawnmower away and walked into the garage, there was glass all over the driveway and in the garage," Bevan said. "I was furious and scared."

She was speechless too, when she saw what was on her home security video.

"He just seems like he felt very comfortable and very safe doing what he was doing," Bevan said.

Since then, investigators believe the man and a female accomplice have used the credit cards at least eight times throughout Salt Lake County to purchase various items, said Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal.

Investigators could not confirm Monday how the car window was broken, but noted that in the initial burglary the man did not have a bandage around his arm. When he attempted to use a credit card about an hour later, however, it was wrapped.

In addition to Bevan's surveillance cameras, store surveillance cameras captured images of the alleged suspects using Bevan's credit cards.

"They went to several different stores and bought different merchandise — a lot of clothing," Bevan said.

In all, she said they spent thousands of dollars.

"I don't expect to get our stuff back," Bevan said, "but I hope we can at least stop them from ... doing this to anybody else."

She said the lesson to be learned here is never leave your garage doors open, even if you're home.

Meanwhile, police are asking the public to help identify the man and woman in the videos.

The man is white, about 5 feet 10 inches, 210 pounds, with short brown hair in a mohawk. He also has several tattoos on his legs.

The only description detectives have of the woman is she is white, about 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds, with blond/brown hair. She has a tattoo above her right ankle.

The couple was last seen driving a four-door red Subaru Impreza with a sunroof and spoiler, made between 1999 and 2001.

Anyone with information can call the Unified Police Department at 385-468-9391.


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