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Former BYU students create smelling salts for energy

By Randall Jeppesen | Posted - May 15th, 2013 @ 1:54pm

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PROVO — A group of former BYU students are hoping to break into the instant energy business with a new take on smelling salts.

Smelling salts have been used for many years, primarily for rousing individuals who have fainted. In boxing, smelling salts are used to "wake up" an athlete who has been knocked unconscious.

However, in recent years, several athletes have used smelling salts instead of caffeine or sugar for a competitive advantage. As a result, Dave Fryer and his team decided to launch a nose-friendly smelling salt called Go Time.

The smelling salts are a "reformulated ammonia inhalant (smelling salt) that will provide users with an instantaneous boost of alertness without ingesting caffeine or sugar."

"We noticed that a lot of NFL players and collegiate athletes were using smelling salts as a means of instantaneous energy — a pick-me-up before they got onto the field," Fryer said.

Go Time Inhalants come in an individualized pocket-sized box. Users crush it in their hands and then bring it close to the nostrils "until the desired effect is achieved." If active, Fryer said the smelling salts will have about a 30-minute effect. However, if the user just sits around, the effect will wear off quickly.

Fryer said he and his team developed the product because they liked the concept of an energy product that wasn't ingested and had no caffeine. Fryer said his team wanted to create something that would give the user an instant impact, but would not result in a crash.

Go Time is currently in Premium Oil gas stations around the state, with select Hart's locations also carrying the product. Fryer hopes to expand quickly around the country.


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