LIFEadvice: Unique ways to create more joy

LIFEadvice: Unique ways to create more joy

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Life is a complicated and messy endeavor. Life Coach Kim Giles is here to help you with simple, principle-based solutions to the challenges you face. Coach Kim will empower you to get along with others and become the best you.


I get discouraged and frustrated too often these days. Life has become one exhausting challenge after another, and I’m not feeling much joy in this journey. How can I find more happiness when the daily grind is not any fun?


If you are waiting to find happiness, you will be waiting a long time.

Happiness is not something you find, it’s something you create. Understanding that happiness is a choice is the first step in creating it. Here are a few unique ways to create more joy, plus a few jokes to get you laughing today.

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More from Coach Kim: My goal this year with LIFEadvice is to give you principle-based, time-tested solutions, which can change your life for the better. If you will read this column each week, I will teach you principles and give you the tools to solve many of life's problems. Please send in your questions to .

1) Be responsible for your own happiness.

Understand that happiness is not dependent on circumstances. There have always been rich and successful people who are unhappy and poor people who joyful. Happiness is a choice.

Decide that today will be enjoyable before it even starts. Llisten to music while you work, laugh at everything and do something nice for yourself. Choose a positive attitude and believe good things are coming your way. This positive attitude does make a difference.

2) Focus on what’s in your control.

Get out a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. On one side list all the things that are in your control and are your responsibility relative to any situation. Put everything that’s not in your control or your responsiblity on the other. Don’t waste time or energy on those things.

If you are waiting to find happiness, you will be waiting a long time.

3) Keep commitments you make to yourself.

If you committed to going to the gym three times this week, do it. The more you keep commitments to yourself, the more powerful, free and happy you will feel. Keeping commitments to yourself empowers you and creates feelings of self-worth, which increase happiness.

4) Be grateful.

Start a gratitude journal and take five minutes every day to write down the blessings in your life. Focus on the small things. Gratitude is the most positive emotion there is.

5) Be present in the now.

Fear is usually about either the future or the past. Don't dwell in guilt and regret over things that are done and gone. This is a waste of your time and energy. You must move on. Think of these past experiences as a location you drove through, and don't let them define who you are now.

Focus on who you want to be today.

Don’t waste today worrying about tomorrow, either. You can spend time planning and working to create a good future, but do this without fear. Trust that things will work out.

6) Be secure.

Trust that your value is infinite and absolute. Nothing anyone says, thinks or does and nothing you do, think or say can diminish you. You are literally as bulletproof as Superman. No one can make you feel “less than" or change who you are, unless you let them.

Choose to feel bulletproof. Let insults bounce off and let negative people keep their yucky energy to themselves. Choose to believe you have nothing to be afraid of.


7) View others with kindness.

Remember that life is a classroom and every experience is a lesson. You are here in a divine process of growing and learning and there is no situation which is not here for your good. Every experience teaches you things about yourself, people and life. If you can remember to see life this way, it will take away much of the suffering.

Choose to see other people as the same as you. Give yourself and other people permission to be imperfect students learning to be better.

8) Be loving.

Choose to focus on lifting and edifying other people instead of worrying about yourself. When you are focused on the good of others you are being an expression of your highest self, and that creates happiness. Be a force for love in the world.

9) Make yourself laugh.

Read the comics section in the paper, search for funny videos on YouTube, watch a funny movies or play a prank on your children or co-workers. Fly a kite or buy an ice cream cone. Do something today that makes you laugh, and keep it up every day.

Here is a chuckle in honor of approaching tax day:

"Two things you need to know about taxes. They've extended the deadline to April 18, and when you write your check, just make it out to China." - David Letterman

"We ought to thank President Obama. He's made it a lot easier for people to do their taxes this year. No job, no income tax." -Jay Leno

Kimberly Giles is the founder and president of and She is a sought after life coach and popular speaker who specializes in self esteem and building confidence.

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