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Sen. Kamala Harris says she's no democratic socialist

Juana Summers, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 6:04pm

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said Monday she's not a democratic socialist, a not-so-veiled distinction setting her apart from New Hampshire voters' favorite 2016 primary candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Senate OKs bill to reimagine Utah school counselors' duties

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Feb 18th - 4:18pm

The Utah Senate gave final passage to HB81 on Friday, which directs the Utah State Board of Education to reimagine how public school counselors serve students.

Proposal would let Utah women stay on birth control in jail

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 11:02am

A proposal in the Utah Legislature would allow female jail inmates to take birth control while behind bars, though county sheriffs have raised concerns about cost of providing the medication.

Trump the pundit handicaps 2020 Democratic contenders

Zeke Miller, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 10:08am

Kamala Harris had the best campaign roll-out. Amy Klobuchar's snowy debut showed grit. Elizabeth Warren's opening campaign video was a bit odd. Take it from an unlikely armchair pundit sizing up the 2020 Democratic field: President Donald Trump.

The Latest: Suspect won't testify in US House race hearing

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 18th - 9:16am

The Latest on an evidentiary hearing outlining a ballot fraud investigation in an undeclared North Carolina congressional race for which a winner hasn't been finalized (all times local):

Bill to help abuse victims exit polygamous groups among domestic violence measures at Utah Capitol

Annie Knox, KSL  |  Posted Feb 18th - 8:01am

Several women urged a panel of Utah lawmakers on Friday to support a proposal they said would make it easier for others like them to exit polygamous communities. It is one of several measures seeking to better protect domestic violence victims.

N Carolina elections head says ballots handled illegally

Emery P. Dalesio, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 17th - 11:22pm

A Republican operative conducted an illegal and well-funded ballot-harvesting operation, North Carolina's elections director said Monday, but the first session of a days-long hearing produced scant evidence that the GOP congressional candidate he worked for knew about it or even benefited.

Border wall a complex issue for 2020 prospect Beto O'Rourke

Will Weissert, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 17th - 10:44pm

When President Donald Trump visited Beto O'Rourke's hometown to argue that walling off the southern border would make the U.S. safer, the former Democratic congressman and possible 2020 presidential hopeful was ready.

After $150M wildfire season, House panel OKs resolution urging better federal forest management

Katie McKellar, KSL  |  Posted Feb 17th - 7:05pm

After a destructive 2018 wildfire season, a House panel advanced a resolution urging the government to pursue policies allowing for better forest management.

Utah House approves bill banning abortions solely for Down syndrome diagnosis

Katie McKellar, KSL  |  Posted Feb 17th - 1:30pm

A bill that would outlaw abortions solely based on a Down syndrome diagnosis cleared the Utah House of Representatives on Friday.

White House indicates Trump to veto disapproval of emergency

Zeke Miller, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 17th - 10:10am

President Donald Trump is prepared to issue the first veto of his term if Congress votes to disapprove his declaration of a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border, a top White House adviser said on Sunday.

Is socialism a threat to the U.S.? One Utah congressman thinks so and formed a group to fight it

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Feb 17th - 8:09am

Rep. Chris Stewart wants to combat what he sees as a rise in socialism in the United States.

Pence calls on European allies to withdraw from Iran deal as Merkel defends decision

Allie Malloy, CNN  |  Posted Feb 17th - 7:30am

Vice President Mike Pence called on European allies to abandon the Iran nuclear deal while speaking at the Munich Security Conference, shortly after German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended Germany's decision to stand by the deal.

Lawmakers may wait until next session to make changes to Proposition 4

Lisa Riley Roche, KSL  |  Posted Feb 16th - 7:12pm

It looks like lawmakers will wait until next session to take on Proposition 4, the Better Boundaries ballot initiative passed by voters last November that creates an independent redistricting commission.

Reform, once avoided, now embraced in Chicago mayor's race

Herbert G. McCann, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 11:44am

Reform is not a concept usually embraced by Chicago politicians known for their patronage, but after corruption charges were filed against a powerful alderman and a court got involved in overseeing the city's troubled police department, the word is now on the lips of the 14 candidates running for mayor.

Utah Democratic leader won't face charges in altercation with Republican state senator

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Feb 16th - 10:56am

Prosecutors have chosen not to file charges against a Democratic Utah House leader who got into a physical altercation with a Republican state senator in a Senate building hallway.

Trump emergency declaration faces fights in the courts

Mark Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 8:46am

Let the lawsuits begin. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency along the southern border and predicted his administration would end up defending it all the way to the Supreme Court.

14 candidates vie to become Chicago's next mayor

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 11:59am

The race to succeed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has attracted a diverse group of candidates, including businesspeople, a former federal prosecutor, an ex-police superintendent, veteran politicians and community activists. The election will take place Feb. 26. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two vote-getters will face off April 2.

Turkmenistan to open vet clinic despite harsh animal views

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 11:41am

The president of Turkmenistan, a country criticized for allegedly exterminating stray dogs and cats, has ordered the establishment of a national veterinary clinic for domestic animals.