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Have You Seen This? How to teach a baby to crawl

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Aug 19th - 2:24pm

YouTube’s favorite father shows us different “successful” techniques for teaching your baby how to crawl.

'Old Coots' booth at Downtown Farmers Market offers 'probably bad advice,' creators say

Ray Boone, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 19th - 9:50am

Tucked away at Salt Lake City's Downtown Farmers Market, in between the beets and cabbages, is a group of wise men who may not be able to see what’s to come, but are still giving their best effort at helping passers-by chart a path forward.

Baby boom at Arizona hospital with 16 pregnant nurses

Anita Snow, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 18th - 7:54pm

A baby boom is brewing at a suburban Arizona hospital where 16 intensive care nurses recently discovered they are all pregnant.

Sneakers, backpacks and haircuts add up to hope for Redwood students

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted Aug 18th - 7:23pm

A community joined together Saturday to provide sneakers, backpacks, haircuts and more to students at Redwood Elementary School in West Valley. The annual event grows larger each year and offers a network of services to young students and parents.

Have You Seen This? Dog chases bike-riding monkey

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Aug 18th - 2:48pm

Watch how an unbelievable scenario creates the kind of unbelievable chaos that’s hard to look away from.

University honors students who found love in elevator in '72

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 2:04pm

Philadelphia's Temple University is honoring a 45-year relationship sparked in a campus elevator.

Utah girl orders nearly $400 worth of toys off Amazon using mom's account

Andrew Adams, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 15th - 4:43pm

A Utah girl secretly ordered nearly $400 worth of toys on her mom's Amazon account. Her mom found out the next day when the delivery showed up.

Massachusetts zoo on the lookout for stork that flew away

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 21st - 10:40am

Maybe she just had a few babies to deliver.

Church burglar leaves apology note after theft of equipment

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 21st - 10:26am

A man who broke into a Connecticut church and stole $3,000 worth of electronics apparently felt enough remorse to leave an apology note.

Novelty hand grenades found in checked luggage at airport

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 21st - 9:32am

Authorities say two suspected hand grenades found in a woman's checked bag at Newark Liberty International Airport were actually novelty bottle openers.

Low-number Delaware license plate auctioned for $410K

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 21st - 5:26am

Low-numbered Delaware license plates are in demand.

Troopers cite 10 sports car drivers for going too slow

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 20th - 7:27am

State police in Connecticut usually pull over cars for driving too fast.

Police: Man angry about loud music waves gun at school dance

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 19th - 2:34pm

A 72-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of waving a gun at a high school dance in Arizona because he didn't like the loud music.

Like a fish out of water: Barrels of bait spill on highway

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 2:42pm

There are plenty of fish in the sea — and almost as many on a Maine highway.

State police: Whale capsizes boat; no injuries reported

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 7:33am

State Police say a whale caused a 20-foot boat to capsize in waters off the New Jersey coast.

Mooning case against Virginia softball coach's wife wanes

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 6:34am

The moon over Virginia was half-visible that May evening, as was the one on the softball field, authorities say.

California deputy shoots into car to free trapped bear

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 5:44pm

A Northern California deputy fired several beanbag rounds into a back car window to free a trapped bear that had likely been searching for snacks.

City tweaks sign for Paul Manafort Drive amid son's trial

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 3:39pm

A Connecticut city has tweaked its sign for Paul Manafort Drive because the name agitated some residents.

Colombian city urges a break from sex to fight heat wave

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 10:35am

Health officials in one Colombian coastal city have a controversial recommendation for residents trying to stay cool during an intense heat wave: Take a break from sex.