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As Utah students head back to school, a growing percentage are going to charter schools or are home-schooled

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 24th - 7:33am

Kristen Evans, who is chairwoman of Woodstock Elementary School’s community council, said she is committed to her neighborhood school because it serves all students, and she believes her children benefit from a public school population that is economically and ethnically diverse.

Teacher shortage, protests complicate educator pay dynamics

Morgan Smith and Sally Ho, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 23rd - 10:02am

First-grade teacher Hillary Madrigal jumped to a nearby school district last year, lured by higher salaries that would allow her to quit her second job as a housekeeper and buy a new car.

University of Utah introduces free campus rideshare app

Christina Giardinelli, KSL  |  Posted Aug 22nd - 8:50pm

Portion of university’s nearly $1 million campus safety budget will go toward helping students get home safely

Salt Lake teachers agree to 4.1% pay raise

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 22nd - 5:12pm

Salt Lake teachers “overwhelmingly” voted to approve a new working agreement with the Salt Lake City Board of Education that includes a 4.1% across-the-board teacher salary increase and maintains a salary steps and lanes system that compensates teachers for education attainment and years of service.

Parents petition Payson city for crossing guard at school crosswalk

Sam Penrod, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 22nd - 11:05am

School is back in session, but many parents in a Payson neighborhood have expressed concern and frustration over a lack of a crossing guard at a crosswalk they consider to be dangerous.

Founding AISU director spent money ‘like there was no tomorrow,’ former state senator tells committee

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 22nd - 9:14am

A former state senator who two decades ago carried legislation establishing charter schools in Utah shed light on the recent closure of American International School of Utah, a public charter school in Murray.

Will Utah’s statewide tests yield accurate, meaningful results after RISE debacle?

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 21st - 9:48pm

Some 20,000 Utah students per day were affected each of the five days technological problems disrupted end-of-year RISE testing, an education official told state lawmakers Wednesday.

SUU and USU Extension awarded $1 million grants to help fight the opioid crisis

St. George News  |  Posted Aug 21st - 12:35pm

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently awarded millions in grants to Utah organizations to fight the growing opioid crisis.

BYU students will know why they're being called to Honor Code Office beforehand

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Aug 21st - 11:41am

Following student criticism, Brigham Young University will now tell students why they’re being called into the Honor Code Office before they get there.

Utah legislative leaders call for ‘comprehensive performance audit’ of public schools

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 21st - 7:01am

State legislative leaders on Tuesday called for a “comprehensive performance audit” of Utah’s public education system.

Here’s how your child’s school curriculum is going to change in the next 4 years

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Aug 20th - 6:45pm

There are about 5,000 open computing jobs in Utah right now but not nearly enough trained people to fill them. Here's how your child's changing school curriculum will close that gap.

Is Utah falling short of its potential by spending least per pupil nationally?

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 20th - 6:50am

Utah spends less – and in most cases far less – per student than surrounding states and its peer states, yet performs “respectably overall in terms of outcomes,” according to a new Utah Foundation report.

Salt Lake officers help remind drivers that school is back in session

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Aug 19th - 7:32pm

It was back to school for most students in Salt Lake County on Monday.

15 million children don't have money for school supplies. Here's how you can help them

Amy Chillag, CNN  |  Posted Aug 18th - 9:45am

Going back to school can be scary for kids, especially for 15 million children in the U.S. who are living in extreme poverty.

U. announces chief safety officer, nearly $1M in other new safety measures

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Aug 15th - 8:51am

University of Utah officials on Thursday announced a nearly $1 million investment in new campus safety measures that will be implemented.

The high price of belonging: School commitments can take a toll on families

Deanie Wimmer, KSL TV  |  Posted Aug 14th - 11:00am

If your job required mandatory sleepovers, you would draw the line. But that’s what many schools are requiring of their students if they want to take part in sports and activities.

Westminster dedicates Holt Home, a 1926 French chateau gifted to the college

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 14th - 7:01am

Dale and Sheri Holt planted every tree and shrub in the front yard of their former home in the Gilmer Park Historic District.

Record $82.6M in school trust lands funds coming to Utah schools

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 13th - 5:45pm

A record $82.6 million in school trust funds will be distributed to Utah schools this academic year and state education officials are urging parents to join their school community councils to determine how to best spend the funds allotted to their neighborhood schools.

Housing development for UVU students underway despite delay, increased costs

Kim Bojórquez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 11th - 9:55pm

The project, originally referred to as Palos Verdes, will include four five-story buildings to house students in 1,604 beds, and a parking structure.

More Utah women are graduating with STEM degrees, but not at the same rate as men

Kim Bojórquez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 11th - 8:04pm

According to Utah Women in STEM Education, Utah women make up 44% of the state's workforce and their numbers in STEM fields remain "particularly low."