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Sen. Ted Cruz: GOP needs to stand on principle

03/06/2014 8:30am
Sen. Ted Cruz says Republicans need to stick to their principles heading into the November elections — and that the alternative means more losses at the ballot box.

Ryan downplays intra-party tension

03/06/2014 9:01am
Congressman Paul Ryan says GOP leaders and conservative activists should "give each other the benefit of the doubt" in the debate over the party's future.

Senate GOP leader touts his conservatism at CPAC

03/06/2014 9:20am
Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell is joining with conservative favorite Tom Coburn of Oklahoma at an annual conservative conference.

Christie attacks media in return to national stage

03/06/2014 10:31am
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is attacking the media as he returns to the national stage for the first time since a political retribution scandal erupted in his home state.

Conn. poll shows support for assisted suicide

03/06/2014 10:50am
A poll indicates there's strong support in Connecticut for legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe medication to help terminally ill patients end their lives.

Rubio: Obama has a 'flawed' foreign policy

03/06/2014 11:21am
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says the United States is the one nation that can rally people around the globe against the rise of totalitarian governments.

Jindal: Obama assaulting American dream

03/06/2014 11:21am
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says President Barack Obama has launched an "assault on the American dream."

Bill advances to exclude students with high GPAs from truancy citation

03/06/2014 2:48pm
House and Senate committees discussed and passed several bills on Wednesday, including a bill to exclude students with high GPAs from truancy citations and a bill to set standards for commercial breathalyzers.

Bill would let Paul run for 2 offices at same time

03/06/2014 2:50pm
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul faces a potential quandary as he weighs whether to run for president in 2016 or focus solely on re-election to his Senate seat. Legislation introduced Thursday in his home state would allow him to run for both.

Utah's uninsured speak out for health care access

03/06/2014 10:15pm
Utah's uninsured population shared stories of health care need with Utah's delegation.