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Philips, Salesforce cooperate on medical platform

06/26/2014 12:51am
Royal Philips NV and say they are jointly developing a software platform for medical services.

North Dakota discloses oil train shipment details

06/26/2014 1:20am
Dozens of mile-long trains loaded with crude are leaving western North Dakota each week, with most shipments going through the state's most populous county while en route to refineries across the country.

Albanian private bank CEO shot dead outside office

06/26/2014 4:20am
The head and co-founder of one of Albania's biggest private banks was shot dead Thursday in the capital, police said.

3-day weekend will kick-start July 4 travel

06/26/2014 5:10am
Highways will be packed once again this July Fourth weekend, with 41 million Americans expected to travel at least 50 miles or more.

Google begins editing European search results

06/26/2014 5:20am
Google has begun deleting some search results at the request of its users, following a court ruling that European Union citizens have a right to ask for the removal of embarrassing personal information that pops up on a search of their names.

Threat of housing bubble pushes Britain to act

06/26/2014 5:31am
Can Britain avoid bubble trouble in its economy?

Alcoa to spend $2.85B on jet engine parts maker

06/26/2014 6:00am
Alcoa is delving deeper into the aerospace industry, spending nearly $3 billion to acquire the British jet engine component company Firth Rixson.

App Watch: FilmOn has much more than broadcast TV

06/26/2014 6:20am
As the television-over-the-Internet service Aereo squared off against broadcasters over copyright claims in the Supreme Court, a similar startup called FilmOn stood on the sidelines.

Dutch agency: glitch in airplane autopilot systems

06/26/2014 6:20am
The Netherlands' air safety agency says it has detected a glitch that can cause airplane autopilot systems to respond in a dangerous way when a plane is attempting a steeper than normal landing approach.

Applications for US unemployment benefits dipped last week, latest sign of scant layoffs

06/26/2014 6:40am
Applications for US unemployment benefits dipped last week, latest sign of scant layoffs.

'Transformers' tries for delicate US-China balance

06/26/2014 6:50am
Dazzling special effects, Optimus Prime ... and Beijing. The latest "Transformers" movie has all three, mixing Texas-based action with scenes in China's capital and a heavy dose of Hong Kong in an attempt to straddle the world's two biggest movie-going audiences.

Berkeley County hospital going tobacco-free

06/26/2014 6:50am
Tobacco use soon will be prohibited at University Healthcare Berkeley Medical Center's campuses.

Applications for US unemployment benefits dip

06/26/2014 7:00am
The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits declined last week, the latest evidence that a sharp economic slowdown earlier this year hasn't caused employers to cut jobs.

Search for missing Malaysian plane shifts south

06/26/2014 7:40am
Investigators believe the missing Malaysia Airlines plane flew on autopilot for hours before crashing into a remote part of the Indian Ocean, Australian officials said Thursday as they announced another shift in the search area for the jet.

Stocks open lower on Wall Street, led by banks

06/26/2014 8:01am
Stocks are opening lower on Wall Street as traders were unimpressed by the latest positive sign on the job market.

Spending is up only slightly, disappointing analysts

06/26/2014 8:01am
The government says American consumers stepped up their spending by a modest two-tenths of one percent last month. It's a weaker-than-expected performance, and it's causing economists to say there will probably be less of a rebound in economic growth than they had anticipated during the current quarter.

Consumer spending in May was disappointingly weak

06/26/2014 8:11am
U.S. consumers boosted their spending only modestly in May, a disappointment to economists who said the weaker-than-expected gain will likely mean a lesser economic rebound in the April-June quarter than many had envisioned.

Dollar mixed

06/26/2014 8:11am
The U.S. dollar is mixed against other North American currencies in New York trading.

SC State: No budget yet but basketball remaining

06/26/2014 8:21am
Tuition will increase and the basketball program will remain at South Carolina State University, which has been battling financial problems.

Czech brewer gets Budweiser trademark in Portugal

06/26/2014 8:31am
The Czech brewery Budvar says a Portuguese trade court has upheld a decision preventing its rival Anheuser-Busch InBev from registering its beer under the Budweiser name in the country.

NSA fears prompt Germany to end Verizon contract

06/26/2014 8:50am
The German government is ending a contract with Verizon over fears the company could be letting U.S. intelligence agencies eavesdrop on sensitive communications, officials said Thursday.


06/26/2014 8:50am
Early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Thu.:

Average US 30-year mortgage rate falls to 4.14 pct

06/26/2014 9:01am
Average U.S. rates on fixed mortgages declined this week, hovering near historically low levels.

Grain mixed, livestock mostly higher

06/26/2014 9:01am
Grain futures were mixed Wednesday in early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Calling Dame Judi: UK needs new MI6 spy chief

06/26/2014 9:10am
Wanted: Spymaster. Discretion an asset.

Does cereal have too many vitamins for kids?

06/26/2014 9:21am
Most parents are concerned about their kids getting enough vitamins. Should they also worry about giving their kids too much?

Court won't reinstate New York City's big-soda ban

06/26/2014 9:31am
New York state's highest court refused to reinstate New York City's ban on the sale of big sodas, ruling that the city's health department overstepped its bounds when it approved a cap on sugary beverages.

In socialist Venezuela, a threat from the left

06/26/2014 9:51am
Already grappling with street protests led by the right, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is facing a new threat from an unlikely place: old-school leftists who accuse him of betraying the socialist legacy that carried him to power.

Stocks open lower on Wall Street, led by banks

06/26/2014 10:01am
Stocks are moving lower on Wall Street, led by a decline in banks.

E-cigarettes a boon for smokers but raise alarms

06/26/2014 10:01am
Quinton Bailey is tight-lipped about the day he smoked his first cigarette.


06/26/2014 10:21am
Sales, noon price and net change of the 15 most active New York Stock Exchange issues, trading nationally.

FDA grapples with oversight of fecal transplants

06/26/2014 11:21am
Imagine a low-cost treatment for a life-threatening infection that could cure up to 90 percent of patients with minimal side effects, often in a few days.

Senate panel OKs $47B homeland security budget

06/26/2014 11:41am
A key Senate panel Thursday gave swift bipartisan approval to a $47 billion budget for the Department of Homeland Security, boosting funding to cope with an influx of Central American children who arrive in the U.S. unaccompanied by their parents.

Nevada's 'Tin Man' treks Sierra on titanium knees

06/26/2014 12:01pm
Shortly before a recently scheduled hike in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Peter Tremayne called to change plans.

Sodexo cafeteria workers regain health coverage

06/26/2014 12:11pm
A giant food service company unexpectedly reversed course Thursday after bumping thousands of college cafeteria workers from its health plan earlier this year and pointing a finger at President Barack Obama's overhaul.

Clarification: Christie-Bridge Probe story

06/26/2014 12:31pm
In a story June 24 about an investigation into the $1 billion Pulaski Skyway project, The Associated Press erroneously reported which media outlet first reported the investigation. Bloomberg, The Record and The New York Times all reported on the investigation on April 12.

T1red of p@sswords? Y0u @re N*t @lone!

06/26/2014 12:31pm
Good thing she doesn't need a password to get into heaven. That's what Donna Spinner often mutters when she tries to remember the growing list of letter-number-and-symbol codes she's had to create to access her various online accounts.

Britain's Cameron isolated in EU leader search

06/26/2014 12:51pm
Many political battles are ugly — but toss in 28 nations, high unemployment, angry voters and a skeptical Britain and the fight over who will be the European Union's next chief executive may have profound consequences.

Oil boom fuels drop in age in Great Plains states

06/26/2014 12:51pm
Want to reduce the effects of aging? Try oil.

UI researchers: Hardwoods may boost NW timber jobs

06/26/2014 12:51pm
Trudging through a densely planted patch of birch trees in spitting rain, Ronald Mahoney spotted one more. He yanked the chain saw into action, sawed a V-shaped wedge into the trunk and finished it off with a clean cut from the opposite side.


06/26/2014 1:21pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Thu.:

Rebekah Brooks 'vindicated' by hacking acquittal

06/26/2014 1:21pm
Former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks said Thursday she is innocent of phone hacking and other crimes and feels vindicated by a jury's unanimous decision to acquit her.


06/26/2014 1:21pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Thu.:

Budget has $134M gap as fiscal year nears its end

06/26/2014 1:31pm
More than $134 million in piecemeal funding that Gov. Bobby Jindal and lawmakers used to balance this year's budget has yet to arrive in the state treasury, with the end of the fiscal year only days away.

Crude falls

06/26/2014 1:31pm
Crude oil futures prices ended lower on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The near-month contract for the benchmark grade fell 66 cents -- closing at $105.84 a barrel.

Dollar mixed

06/26/2014 1:31pm
The U.S. dollar is mixed against other North American currencies in New York trading.

GoPro goes public: Camera maker up 30 percent

06/26/2014 1:41pm
Wall Street has a taste for adventure.

Gold, silver fall

06/26/2014 1:41pm
The June gold contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed today at $1316.40 an ounce -- down $5.80.

Lawmakers hope to name post office after Monroe

06/26/2014 2:01pm
Several members of California's congressional delegation are pushing to name a new post office after the late actress Marilyn Monroe.

Alibaba shares will list on the NYSE

06/26/2014 2:11pm
Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba will list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange.


06/26/2014 2:11pm
Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Thu.:

Stocks move lower on Wall Street, led by banks

06/26/2014 2:21pm
Stocks are closing lower on Wall Street, with banks posting some of the biggest declines.

Drink up, NYC: Ban on big sodas canned

06/26/2014 2:31pm
Big sodas can stay on the menu in the Big Apple after New York state's highest court refused Thursday to reinstate the city's first-of-its-kind size limit on sugary drinks. But city officials suggested they might be willing to revisit the supersize-soda ban.

Argentina has processed June 30 debt payment

06/26/2014 2:34pm
Argentina's government said on Thursday that it has begun to process the next payment it owes on its restructured bonds.

Stocks head lower on Wall Street, led by banks

06/26/2014 2:41pm
Banks and other financial firms tugged the stock market slightly lower Thursday as a mixed batch of economic reports and earnings results gave investors little reason to push the market up.

Plan to streamline health law re-enrollment

06/26/2014 3:11pm
The Obama administration said Thursday it wants most of the 8 million Americans already signed up for coverage under the health care law to be able to renew their coverage easily.

DuPont cuts profit forecast on corn seed sales

06/26/2014 3:11pm
DuPont is cutting its profit forecast because of weaker sales of corn seeds.

Notre Dame, GE partner in turbine research

06/26/2014 3:21pm
The University of Notre Dame and General Electric Co. announced plans Thursday to work together to build a $36 million research and test facility with the goal of making better massive gas turbines used by aircraft, power plants and the oil and gas industry.

Senators: Corinthian should stop new enrollments

06/26/2014 3:21pm
A dozen U.S. senators, all Democrats, are pushing Corinthian Colleges Inc. to stop accepting new students in a letter to the Department of Education.

IRS announces program to certify tax preparers

06/26/2014 3:21pm
The Internal Revenue Service announced a voluntary program Thursday to certify paid tax preparers who complete annual training and pass a test.

California accuses FedEx of waste violations

06/26/2014 3:41pm
State officials on Thursday accused FedEx Ground Package System of violating California's hazardous waste laws since 2008 by failing to properly handle broken or leaking packages containing harmful materials.


06/26/2014 3:42pm
Most active Nasdaq issues.

Nike 4th quarter net income tops estimates

06/26/2014 3:51pm
Nike's fiscal fourth-quarter net income rose 5 percent as higher revenue in most geographic regions offset heavy investments in marketing for the World Cup soccer tournament.

Matt Lauer defends interview with GM's Mary Barra

06/26/2014 4:11pm
Matt Lauer has responded to criticism for asking General Motors CEO Mary Barra if she can be both a good parent and a good executive by saying he'd have asked a male CEO the same question.

Analysts predict slower June sales for GM

06/26/2014 4:21pm
A number of analysts are predicting that General Motors' June U.S. sales will underperform the overall auto industry, putting the company in danger of losing market share at a critical time.

US clears robotic legs for some paralyzed people

06/26/2014 4:22pm
U.S. health regulators have approved a first-of-a-kind set of robotic leg braces that can help some disabled people walk again.

Geology, history, recreation at Sluice Boxes

06/26/2014 4:31pm
Daniel Edwards' shorts were still dripping when I ran into him on the high ochre cliffs that tower above Belt Creek. Edwards, along with friends Stephen Hicks and Jasmine Helm, took a break from their jobs at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls to go for a swim at Sluice Boxes State Park.

Feds order recall of Las Vegas-area pork product

06/26/2014 4:31pm
Federal authorities ordered a Las Vegas food distributor to recall almost 15,000 pounds of misbranded raw pork nugget product shipped since January to southern Nevada hotels, restaurants and other eateries.

Plan to tap scholarship fund leads to budget cuts

06/26/2014 4:42pm
Most state agencies in Oklahoma will receive a .12 percent budget cut for the upcoming fiscal year to make up for a legislative decision that was ruled unconstitutional by the state's attorney general, a state budget panel decided Thursday.

Sikorsky gets $1.28B rescue helicopter contract

06/26/2014 4:42pm
Aircraft maker Sikorsky said Thursday it received a $1.28 billion contract to build a new combat rescue helicopter for the Air Force.

Lew announces expanded housing support programs

06/26/2014 4:51pm
The Obama administration is extending for another year a program aimed at helping people struggling to avoid foreclosure on their homes, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Thursday.

Medicaid spending plans challenged by NC Senate

06/26/2014 5:01pm
North Carolina senators were not persuaded Thursday to accept Medicaid spending numbers for the coming year from Gov. Pat McCrory's administration after hearing a two-hour presentation led by State Budget Director Art Pope.

FDA clears robotic legs for some paralyzed people

06/26/2014 5:11pm
Federal health regulators have approved a first-of-a-kind set of robotic leg braces that can help some disabled people walk again.

Philip Morris Int'l to sell Marlboro HeatSticks

06/26/2014 5:21pm
Philip Morris International Inc. is hoping to capitalize on the growing appetite for alternatives to traditional smokes like e-cigarettes with a new Marlboro-branded product that heats tobacco rather than burning it.

GM recalling nearly 29,000 Cruzes to fix air bags

06/26/2014 5:21pm
General Motors Co. is recalling more than 29,000 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars because metal parts in the air bag assemblies can hit the driver and passengers if the bags are inflated.

Advocates say new rules could hurt Medicaid access

06/26/2014 5:30pm
Vermont legal advocates are at odds with state officials over language in new health care rules that they believe could exclude certain populations from long-term care benefits.

Argentina request to delay $1.65B payments denied

06/26/2014 5:51pm
A judge Thursday denied Argentina's request to extend deadlines to repay a $1.65 billion debt to U.S. hedge funds, leaving the nation few options and little time to meet a Monday deadline to make a required payment to the majority of its creditors.

APNewsBreak: Oil train dangers extend past Bakken

06/26/2014 6:11pm
The dangers posed by a spike in oil shipments by rail extend beyond crude from the booming Bakken region of the Northern Plains and include oil produced elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada, U.S. safety officials and lawmakers said.

Repeal of ban on bare-hand contact with food OK'd

06/26/2014 6:21pm
California's chefs and bartenders can resume legally handling food with their bare hands under a bill headed to the governor's desk that would repeal an unpopular regulation.

Feds: no more animal tests on spilled chemical

06/26/2014 6:41pm
Despite rejection from federal health officials, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is still pushing for more animal studies to understand what health effects may surface years after the January chemical spill into West Virginia's biggest water supply.

Pot advocates deliver petitions for Oregon ballot

06/26/2014 7:01pm
Sponsors of an initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana traveled to Salem on Thursday to turn in boxes stuffed with enough signed petitions to bring their total signatures to 145,000 — far more than are needed for the measure to qualify for the November ballot.

Analysis: US struggles to keep vows to veterans

06/26/2014 7:01pm
Nearly 9 million U.S. military veterans were promised free medical care through the Veterans Administration when they signed on for duty. Now the challenge for lawmakers is finding the money to fix a health care system that many say is broken.

Feds: Immigrant center to expedite deportations

06/26/2014 7:02pm
A detention center being opened in southeastern New Mexico to deal with the surge in women caught crossing illegally with children into the U.S. from Central America will be focused on deporting the immigrants quickly, officials said Thursday.

Facing headwinds, Obama courts 'real America'

06/26/2014 7:03pm
With 2 1/2 years remaining in his term, President Barack Obama has been blocked by Congress and is running out of steps he can take on his own to achieve his goals. So the White House is trying to maximize Obama's exposure to "real Americans," hoping that more intimate and less scripted interactions will remind struggling citizens why they voted for him in the first place.

NV Supreme Court: Taxi drivers get minimum wage

06/26/2014 7:11pm
The Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday in favor of Las Vegas taxi drivers who say three cab companies owe them back wages for failing to pay the minimum wage, upholding a 2006 state constitutional amendment that did away with previous exemptions for some classes of workers.

Chicago Public Schools lays off teachers, others

06/26/2014 7:11pm
Chicago Public Schools official say a reduced number of students expected in the fall has prompted the layoff of teachers and other staff.

Arizona worker safety agency reviewing prison rape

06/26/2014 7:21pm
Arizona's workplace safety agency confirmed Thursday that it has launched a review of the rape of a teacher inside a state prison classroom.

FAA, developers clash over tall buildings

06/26/2014 7:32pm
The government wants to dramatically reduce the allowable height of potentially thousands of buildings near airports around the country — a proposal that is drawing fire from real estate developers, local officials and members of Congress who say it will hurt property values.

Customer stabs Missouri water department worker

06/26/2014 7:51pm
A southeast Missouri man is charged with stabbing a city water department bookkeeper because his water had been shut off.

Pence says GOP should seek limits on federal gov't

06/26/2014 8:11pm
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday called on Republicans to dramatically limit the federal government's role in public education, welfare programs and transportation in a speech aimed at boosting his profile among New York's powerful political donors.

Union: New Jersey casino warns of possible closure

06/26/2014 8:24pm
Workers at Atlantic City's Showboat Casino Hotel will receive notices on Friday warning that the casino may close in two months, a union official said Thursday.

Obama pledges hand in Minnesota flooding response

06/26/2014 9:21pm
President Barack Obama pledged the federal government's help Thursday in recovery after massive flooding hit many parts of Minnesota this month, telling a town hall audience near the roaring Minnehaha Falls that they'll have a strong partner when they know how severe the damage is.

An Indian official says a gas pipeline explosion has killed 13 people in Andhra Pradesh state.

06/26/2014 10:21pm
An Indian official says a gas pipeline explosion has killed 13 people in Andhra Pradesh state.