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Long-running scam involves foreign currency

01/03/2014 7:18am
A number of Utahns are buying what they think is undervalued foreign currency in hopes of having its value increase, offering a potential investment windfall. Unfortunately, it's a long-running scam.

Police seek person of interest in home invasion

01/03/2014 7:46am
Police in West Valley City are looking for a person of interest in a violent home invasion robbery that led to the death of one man.

Communication breakdown poses problem for some newly insured

01/03/2014 8:05am
Even though some people signed up for coverage through the website correctly, there have been some communication breakdowns between the federal government and insurance companies.

Smaller seats, fee rises and new planes? 2014: The year ahead in air travel

01/03/2014 8:24am
It's unlikely commercial aviation stories in 2014 will surpass those of 2013 for pizzazz or significance. This is probably a good thing.

Disputed medical bills can damage credit report

01/03/2014 9:23am
If you are in a disagreement with a doctor, hospital, or insurance company over an unpaid medical bill, beware. You might be out of luck when you try to finance a car, refinance your home, or even land a new job.

Residents urged to report people violating air quality rules

01/03/2014 9:58am
If you see something that may be adding to bad air quality along the Wasatch Front, report it.

How to plan a road trip from SLC to Southern Calif.

01/03/2014 11:00am
For those driving long hours with small children, the trip can be anything but merry. Even with the marvels of modern technology like portable DVD players and tablets, kids can get restless and noisy.

Man reacts to car repair bill by firing 3 shots, police say

01/03/2014 11:50am
Police were looking Friday for a man they believe was upset with the cost of his car repair bill and reacted by firing three shots.

Police seek man in connection with deadly West Valley home invasion

01/03/2014 12:29pm
Police identified Theron Moore as a person of interest in a three-man home invasion that occurred in October.

Proposed bill to further define open carry laws

01/03/2014 1:41pm
A new bill would define when someone could be charged with disorderly conduct when they are openly carrying a gun in Utah. Rep. Paul Ray says it came after a picture surfaced last year of a man with a rifle across his back at a JC Penney in northern Utah.

Man killed on freeway was at hospital for involuntary psych evaluation

01/03/2014 3:44pm
Police say a man who ran out of Davis Hospital and onto I-15 where he was hit and killed was reportedly acting unusually prior to being taken to the hospital.

Pleasant View man charged in revenge pornography case

01/03/2014 3:54pm
A Pleasant View man has been charged with distributing semi-nude photos of his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get her to talk to him.

Unsealed warrants reveal disparaging remarks about Reyes during 2012 campaign

01/03/2014 4:14pm
Newly unsealed warrants outline emails that are reportedly from John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff, or their staffers, refer to delegates as animals at feedings, and one called new Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes a liar and a dirty-tricks politician during the primary.

Provo, SLC make top 5 best-performing cities

01/03/2014 5:05pm
Provo was named the no. 2 best performing city in the U.S. for 2013, with Salt Lake City coming in at No. 5.

Wife hides camera, catches husband with teen, police say

01/03/2014 6:15pm
A Grantsville man accused of engaging in sexual activity with a teen neighbor girl was arrested and later charged after his suspicious wife hid video cameras in their bedroom.

Snowmobilers upset after UDOT plows groomed road

01/03/2014 6:23pm
Many Utah snowmobilers are upset after one of their favorite roads that was groomed for recreation was plowed and opened to traffic Friday morning.

Utah gun manufacturer refuses sale to Pakistan

01/03/2014 6:28pm
Desert Tech has tuned down a multimillion-dollar contract to legally sell guns to Pakistan because of fears the guns may eventually endanger American troops.

Secret Eve sculpture stolen from in front of Energy Solutions Arena

01/03/2014 7:02pm
A heavy steel sculpture has disappeared from downtown Salt Lake City, and the artist said he's not only disappointed, but surprised that someone was able to get away with it.

Man on the run after stealing 2 vehicles, UHP says

01/03/2014 7:23pm
Utah Highway Patrol troopers are searching for a man who allegedly stole two vehicles in the Salt Lake City area Friday night.

Weber State extends benefits to same-sex couples

01/03/2014 7:41pm
Weber State University announced they would be extending benefits to the legal spouses of employees in same-gender marriages.

BYU ranked 7th happiest college, poll says

01/03/2014 8:44pm
BYU was ranked as the seventh happiest college in the nation by The Daily Beast.

Web tool highlights most common viral strains in Utah

01/03/2014 9:31pm
Intermountain Healthcare's GermWatch tool reports what viruses are going around and how to prevent and treat them.

Olympic short track trials inspire Utah youths

01/03/2014 10:03pm
Watching the Olympic trials at local facilities is inspiring Utah children to try the sports for themselves.

FBI seeks help identifying man who allegedly robbed 4 banks

01/03/2014 10:18pm
The FBI is seeking public assistance in identifying a man they believed robbed at least four banks within a month.

1 killed in fiery accident in Spanish Fork Canyon; US 6 closed

01/03/2014 10:24pm
A fiery accident involving a car and a semitruck in Spanish Fork Canyon left one person dead Friday night.

Reversing same-sex marriage would do 'irreparable harm' to couples, children

01/03/2014 10:30pm
Attorneys fighting Utah's attempt to halt same- sex marriages in the state say it would do irreprable harm to married gay couples and their children.