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Fed recalls furloughed military workers, Hill AFB may be included

10/06/2013 9:28am
Many furloughed workers at Hill Air Force Base may be able to return to work per the Pay Our Military Act, which was signed by President Obama on Tuesday.

Utah receives $6.5M grant to help students with disabilities

10/06/2013 10:42am
Utah is one of six states chosen to share a more than $32 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Prehistoric human remains found in Wyo.

10/06/2013 1:33pm
A father and daughter found human remains in the Killpecker Sand Dunes just south of Rock Springs on Friday. Experts say that the bones are prehistoric.

Appeal filed to stop USDA predator killing in Nev.

10/06/2013 1:53pm
Conservationists have appealed a federal judge's rejection of their lawsuit in Nevada aimed at shutting down a federal program that spends more than $100 million a year to subsidize the killing of coyotes, mountain lions and other predators that threaten livestock.

Share your General Conference experience through pictures

10/06/2013 2:24pm
General Conference is upon us and with it comes great photo opportunities.

Sandy police searching for man involved in hit-and-run of pregnant woman

10/06/2013 4:11pm
Sandy police want to talk to a man who left the scene after his car struck a pregnant woman Sunday morning while backing out of a parking space at a Harmons supermarket.

City of Springdale copes with Zion shutdown

10/06/2013 6:28pm
With sales dipping in the wake of the government shutdown, Springdale businesses at the entrance to Zion National Park are preparing themselves to cope with the long-term consequences from the premature end of their tourism season.

Windshield smashed when wheel came loose, 5 injured

10/06/2013 6:45pm
Five people were taken to the hospital Sunday after a wheel on a fifth-wheel trailer came loose and destroyed the windshield of a minivan, authorities said.

'Voyage of Faith': Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates 50 years

10/06/2013 6:55pm
It's been 50 years since the Polynesian Cultural Center opened in Oahu. Join Carole Mikita as she visits Hawaii to explore the history of the tourism hot spot in her special report "Voyage of Faith."

2,700 Hill Air Force Base employees headed back to work

10/06/2013 8:28pm
There's good news for about 2,700 workers at Hill Air Force Base who have been furloughed during the government shutdown.

Loveland, Ohio, students reach out to kids in Loveland, Colo. after flooding

10/06/2013 9:44pm
A class of Ohio grade-schoolers believe they have a special connection to victims of the Colorado flooding. To help, they have started a project called "Loveland to Loveland."

Candlelight vigil held for baby who died in crash

10/06/2013 10:25pm
Shards of glass still littered the pavement and sidewalk as mourners and family supporters gathered at a candlelight vigil for 3-month-old Dayton Cook who died Saturday from injuries sustained in a car crash the previous night.

President Monson speaks about pain of losing wife Frances

10/06/2013 11:16pm
Addressing the Church for the first time since his wife Frances passed away, President Thomas S. Monson expressed tender feelings for his beloved companion during a Sunday session of General Conference as the chair she used to occupy sat empty.

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