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41 pounds of meth seized in SLC parking lot

02/26/2013 7:07am
A major meth bust Monday in a Salt Lake City parking lot represented just a fraction of the drugs seized on the way to Utah.

Students consider salary trends when choosing major

02/26/2013 7:20am
College freshmen choose a major for a variety of reasons, but when students take the college plunge, they want to make sure it will pay off by choosing majors with high starting salaries.

Officer shoots pit bull while serving drug warrant

02/26/2013 7:39am
An officer and a pit bull are in good condition after the officer allegedly shot the dog in self-defense while serving a search warrant in Provo on Monday.

Literacy week off to a racing start in Kaysville

02/26/2013 8:12am
Readers got a big boost of horsepower when Rocky Mountain Raceway brought some of its racing fleet to Snow Horse Elementary School.

Bus driver gets jail, probation for DUI before Disneyland trip

02/26/2013 8:15am
A South Jordan man who pleaded guilty to being impaired as he prepared to drive a busload of students to Disneyland has been sentenced to jail and probation.

Parents, teachers rally at Capitol to save art program

02/26/2013 9:58am
Parents and teachers rallied at the Capitol on Tuesday to petition the Legislature for more funding to allow a statewide school art program.

Man killed in police chase had lengthy criminal history

02/26/2013 1:05pm
A man who was shot and killed on I-15 by police Monday following a high speed chase through three counties had a long criminal history.

Woman admits to stealing more than $400K from employer

02/26/2013 1:46pm
A South Jordan woman admitted Monday that she embezzled more than $400,000 from her employer over two years.

Senate passes bill allowing restaurant chains to get liquor licenses

02/26/2013 2:10pm
Restaurants that serve alcohol would not have to wait for a state liquor license to become available in order to open more locations under a bill the Senate approved Tuesday.

Former deputy involved in barcode scam faces felony charges

02/26/2013 3:03pm
A former Davis County Sheriff's deputy faces felony charges after he was caught shoplifting in connection with a barcode theft scheme.

Police searching for alleged bank robber in Cedar City

02/26/2013 3:14pm
Police are looking for a man they say robbed a bank in Cedar City early Tuesday afternoon.

2 killed in unrelated accidents in Centerville, Ogden

02/26/2013 3:24pm
A Layton woman and an Ogden man were killed Monday in separate accidents in Centerville and Ogden.

Man questioned by police after allegedly trying to grab teen girl

02/26/2013 3:58pm
Police were questioning a man Tuesday who they believe may have been involved in an attempted abduction of a teenage girl.

Lack of water complicates fire in Rush Valley; home destroyed

02/26/2013 4:53pm
Logistical difficulties in keeping water on a fire in a small Tooele County town led to the complete loss of a home.

Bill addresses once mentally ill people owning guns

02/26/2013 5:22pm
People the courts have barred from possessing a gun due to mental illness would have an avenue to get that restriction lifted under a bill the Utah Legislature is considering.

Fire dept. responds after man tries to fight $150K house fire

02/26/2013 6:27pm
Firefighters were battling a working house fire Tuesday afternoon in West Jordan.

Officers weigh danger to public during high-speed chases

02/26/2013 7:24pm
Thousands of commuters were out on the interstate during a high-speed chase that ended in the death of the suspect being pursued Monday. Police said keeping the public safe during a chase such as this one is a difficult task, but that it's always their top concern.

Bill aims to mandate safety training for Utah ambulance drivers

02/26/2013 9:04pm
A Utah lawmaker wants to take steps to keep both ambulance drivers and the motorists with whom they share the road safer.

Worker dead after roof collapses before planned demolition

02/26/2013 11:59pm
A demolition worker is missing after a roof prematurely collapsed at what was once a Kmart in Brigham City.

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