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Teenagers hope lawmakers pass more anti-bullying regulations

01/31/2013 7:30am
Lawmakers have been debating big issues on Utah's Capitol Hill this legislative session, but they aren't the only ones. On Wednesday, hundreds of teenagers talked about potential legislation dealing with bullying.

Inmates donating organs: Bill would formalize the process

01/31/2013 8:15am
A bill introduced at the Utah Legislature would formalize a policy that allows inmates to sign up to be organ donors.

Chase across 3 states ends in Utah

01/31/2013 10:16am
Utah Highway Patrol troopers ended a chase that started in Nevada, continued through Arizona and crossed into Utah Wednesday.

Tales from the ER: Life & times of an ER nurse

01/31/2013 11:51am
Many people have no idea the kind of stress, frustration, anxiety and satisfaction ER nurses feel on a daily basis. The range of emotions can be exhausting; the unknown can be exhilarating.

Exhausted suspects surrender after police chase through snow

01/31/2013 12:16pm
Police released the names of two burglary suspects who surrendered after a pretty tough chase through 3 feet of snow near a construction site on Traverse Mountain.

BYU ditching Campus Drive for walkways

01/31/2013 1:17pm
Brigham Young University officials announced this week a major campus renovation project that will close a main road through campus and reorient the campus to be more pedestrian friendly.

New ways of teaching math focus on concepts, not just memorization

01/31/2013 2:41pm
No doubt you have tried to help your child with their math homework this past year, but it looks different than the way you used to do it.

Orangutan at Hogle Zoo points to Baltimore win at Super Bowl

01/31/2013 6:55pm
Eli Manning won't be in this year's Super Bowl, but Eli the Orangutan hopes to factor in the outcome of the big game.

Governor calls to move prison; Draper mayor agrees

01/31/2013 7:49pm
The governor has renewed the call to move the prison from the south end of the Salt Lake Valley, and Draper leaders say the time is right.

Wal-Mart rations ammunition sales

01/31/2013 7:51pm
After a surge in demand for guns and ammunition following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Wal-Mart is limiting ammunition sales to prevent shortages.

Storage units collapse under weight of snow, fire dept. says

01/31/2013 7:54pm
The weight of lingering snow on roofs caused several storage units to collapse Thursday.

Riverdale police break up prostitution ring involving minors

01/31/2013 7:55pm
An undercover operation revealed a disturbing prostitution ring involving teenage girls in Northern Utah.

Study tracks how sick employees spread germs at work

01/31/2013 8:04pm
One sick employee can send germs spreading through an entire workplace at lightning speed. That's according to a new study, which found that if someone comes to work sick, by lunchtime about half of the common surfaces touched by employees will be infected with the virus.

Weber State's youngest student preparing for graduation at 15

01/31/2013 8:11pm
While most 15-year-olds are handling the challenges of high school, Jessica Brooke is preparing for medical school. The teen is a senior at Weber State University.

Family honored for 4 generations of weather tracking

01/31/2013 9:03pm
Imagine keeping track of the high and low temperatures and any precipitation every day since the Cubs won the World Series.

4-foot clam fossil discovered in Utah

01/31/2013 9:22pm
Both men knew what they were looking for when they headed out early last year to explore the edge of the Book Cliffs in Emery County.

Layton homeowner fires shots at suspected burglar

01/31/2013 10:41pm
A Layton homeowner shot at a man who was trying to burglarize his home Thursday, police said.

Feds bust $13.6M sales operation of fake NFL jerseys

01/31/2013 10:45pm
Just days before the Super Bowl, federal officials have announced a "record breaking" bust involving fake NFL merchandise seized nationwide during a four-month sting operation.

UHP cracking down on fast-lane coasters

01/31/2013 10:47pm
Does it bug you when you have to slow down behind a driver in the fast lane and they won't move over, even if they're going the speed limit? Utah Highway Patrol troopers are now keeping an eye out for slowpokes in the fast lane.

The myths and science behind 'The Fertility Game' into parenthood

01/31/2013 10:52pm
If you've faced infertility, or know someone who has, you know treatment can seem like a bit of a game. Two Utah couples forced into the fertility game agreed to share their experiences in hopes of helping others dealing with the disease.

Police look for answers after unconscious woman dropped off at hospital

01/31/2013 10:59pm
A 36-year-old woman was recovering Thursday after she was reportedly found unconscious in a snowbank and presumed dead by a passer-by.

Education is a key priority for Utah Legislature

01/31/2013 11:53pm
"Education is the largest and most important investment Utah makes," Gov. Gary Herbert said in his State of the State address Wednesday evening — his actions seem to indicate that the statement was more than just words.

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