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Understanding loss, tragedy and love

08/25/2014 6:55am
In this edition of LIFEadvice, I'd like to offer some comfort to the community after the tragic loss of three young missionaries this week. This has hit close to home for me, since Connor Thredgold's father is a dear friend, a coworker and even a co-contributor to this column.

Stories you may have missed this weekend

08/25/2014 7:23am
Here are five stories you may have missed this weekend. As always, click on the headline to read the full story.

Farmers' Almanac predicts another nasty winter

08/25/2014 8:12am
The folks at the Farmers' Almanac can be forgiven for feeling smug: The 198-year-old publication correctly predicted the past nasty winter while federal forecasters blew it.

Apple recalls iPhone 5 for battery woes

08/25/2014 8:31am
Having trouble with your iPhone 5 battery? You might be eligible for a free replacement.

The 10 most expensive U.S. earthquakes

08/25/2014 8:43am
Damage from the earthquake that jolted northern California Sunday morning could amount to more than $1 billion, according to an initial estimate by the U.S. Geological Survey.

A lesson from a child and other moments that made people's day

08/25/2014 8:56am
If ever you get down about the sadness on the Internet, even, hopefully this column will pick you up.

Taking car buying negotiations into your own hands

08/25/2014 10:11am
Buying a car can be much less stressful, both financially and emotionally, if you're prepared to negotiate for the best price. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Video: Parody 'Baby Got Class' rings in the school year

08/25/2014 10:17am
Many children and teens around the state have either already returned to school or will this week.

Andy Phillips resumes dominant kicking role for U.

08/25/2014 10:32am
The Utah Utes open up its season against visiting opponent Idaho State Thursday. And although little is predictable coming into the season, it is sophomore Andy Phillips who looks to resume his dominant kicking role for the team.

Hiking Kanarra Creek Trail is a family affair

08/25/2014 11:09am
If you want to experience a beautiful slot canyon with the family, Kanarra Creek is slow-moving and not too difficult to access.

Original Superman comic sells for record $3.2 million

08/25/2014 11:25am
A pristine copy of Action Comics #1 — which introduced Superman for the first time — sold on eBay for $3,207,852, a record. When it originally hit newsstands in 1938, the comic sold for 10 cents.

Woman suffers rare heart attack after giving birth, now raises awareness

08/25/2014 11:44am
A Tooele woman is sharing her story to raise awareness about a rare heart attack she suffered six days after giving birth.

New bike locks itself to poles

08/25/2014 11:58am
Those who dislike lugging around a hefty lock to secure their bike may be in luck.

Have You Seen This? Moms 'go wild' when kids go back to school

08/25/2014 1:15pm
A trio of moms have created a humorous video to describe the freeing feeling of sending their kids off to their first day of school.

Movie coaches to help you prep for college football

08/25/2014 2:01pm
Here are four movie coaches that can teach us all a thing or two to get us through this long, long week as we wait for the college football kick-off.

Woman threatens officers with box cutter, police say

08/25/2014 2:31pm
A woman was arrested Sunday after approaching police officers with a box cutter, officials said.

Man grabs 18-pack of beer, walks out of store

08/25/2014 3:41pm
Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man who allegedly stole beer from a gas station convenience store.

American held in Syria freed after nearly 2 years

08/25/2014 4:21pm
As the U.S. mourned an American journalist beheaded by Islamic militants, the nation found something of a reprieve with the release of another freelance reporter who had been held hostage for nearly two years by an al-Qaida-linked group in Syria.

Judge orders FBI to investigate witness tampering

08/25/2014 4:21pm
A federal judge has ordered the FBI to scrutinize allegations that the agency pressured a witness not to testify in a trial about videos related to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Principal: Teen killed in crash was 'wonderful, friend to everyone'

08/25/2014 5:13pm
A 15-year-old West Jordan boy who friends and school administrators say was a friend to everybody, was killed over the weekend in a crash north of Willard.

Businesses: Quake cleanup shouldn't deter tourists

08/25/2014 5:31pm
The earthquake that jarred California's wine capital caused $1 billion in damage, Napa County officials estimated Monday as business owners mopped up high-end vintages that spilled from barrels and bottles and swept away broken glass in the rush to get the tourist hotspot back in shape for the summer's final holiday weekend.

Woman pleads guilty to child sex abuse committed while she was a man

08/25/2014 5:42pm
A Duchesne County woman has admitted she sexually abused a child in the early '90s while living as a man.

2 suffer minor injures in armored car accident

08/25/2014 6:05pm
Two men were taken to the hospital with apparent minor injuries after a "partial" rollover accident involving a Brinks armored truck Monday.

Some stolen police equipment recovered; 2 arrested

08/25/2014 6:11pm
Two men have been arrested in connection with the theft of police equipment stolen from an unmarked police car in Heber City.

Many Utahns oppose, misunderstand Common Core, poll shows

08/25/2014 6:20pm
A new poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates for shows that a plurality of Utahns oppose the Common Core, but only 1 in 5 likely voters can accurately identify what it is.

Altamont mayor pleads guilty in shoplifting incident

08/25/2014 6:35pm
Altamont Mayor Clyde Watkins has pleaded guilty to one count of theft for stealing a bottle of over-the-counter medication from the town's only grocery store.

Ala. couple charged in scheme to get girl pregnant

08/25/2014 6:53pm
An Alabama couple who wanted a baby repeatedly sexually assaulted an underage girl in hopes she'd get pregnant and give them the infant, authorities said Monday.

Woman accidentally shoots family member in car

08/25/2014 7:00pm
A woman is in fair condition after she was accidentally shot by a family member while in a car they were both traveling in, police say.

Trial date set for Orem man accused of killing wife

08/25/2014 7:01pm
Conrad Truman faces murder charges in the suspicious death of his wife Heidy nearly two years ago. At a final pretrial conference Monday afternoon, attorneys agreed for jury selection to begin on Sept. 30, and opening arguments are set for Oct. 1.

App helps parents reward kids for chores

08/25/2014 7:29pm
It's a chore for the ages, a challenge for all parents: How to motivate your child to help around the house.

Kittens found in garbage stuck to rat trap; man arrested

08/25/2014 7:29pm
A Murray man who police say trapped five kittens and threw two of them in a garbage can while they were still alive was arrested over the weekend.

Vernal woman who died in Green River identified

08/25/2014 7:30pm
Police identified the woman who they found dead in the Green River as Leona Jean Rowley, 37, of Vernal.

S. Ogden man's death called suspicious

08/25/2014 7:38pm
Police are investigating a suspicious death in South Ogden.

1st Utahn diagnosed with West Nile fever

08/25/2014 7:39pm
The first human case of West Nile virus in Utah for 2014 was announced by the Salt Lake County Health Department Monday.

Republicans urge airstrikes in Syria to defeat ISIS

08/25/2014 7:44pm
Republicans in Congress have begun their most forceful push yet in urging President Barack Obama to begin a military campaign into Syria to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Breakfast may not be as important as once thought

08/25/2014 7:52pm
Breakfast may not be as important as everyone thinks, according to two new studies published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Woman asks judge to stop alimony paid to man accused of killing new husband

08/25/2014 8:29pm
A Lindon woman went to court Monday to ask a judge to allow her to stop making alimony payments to her ex-husband who is charged will killing her new husband in July.

Another delay granted in Martin MacNeill case

08/25/2014 8:58pm
The sentencing for Martin MacNeill was delayed Monday pending a motion to dismiss filed by his attorney.

Ex-bus driver charged with abusing girls released on bail

08/25/2014 9:26pm
A former Canyons School District bus driver awaiting trial on charges of abusing two disabled juvenile girls on his bus is free on bail.

Rockslide affects two roads in Emery County

08/25/2014 10:17pm
Heavy rainfall in Straight Canyon has caused a landslide that is affecting SR-29 and Cottonwood Canyon between Orangeville and Castledale, police report.

Utah's Great Gallery rock art younger than previously thought

08/25/2014 10:24pm
Utah's most famous display of ancient rock art is apparently not so ancient after all. Research at Utah State University using natural radioactivity and glow-in the-dark technology uncovered some secrets of The Great Gallery.

Neighbors fume over garbage piles in cleanup 'miscommunication'

08/25/2014 10:46pm
Neighbors along Salt Lake City's northwestern boundary are upset about large piles of branches, garbage and discarded couches along their street, after an apparent "miscommunication" involving the city's neighborhood cleanup progra