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Egypt in energy crisis as elections approach

05/02/2014 12:51am
Rolling blackouts have already been hitting neighborhoods of Cairo daily throughout the winter, when electricity usage is lower. Now summer's heat is coming, and Egypt's crippling energy crisis is threatening to mount, creating an immediate political liability for the new president to be elected this month.

Lack of health care deadly for Myanmar's Rohingya

05/02/2014 2:11am
When the kicking stopped, Zura Begum suspected something was wrong with the twins she was supposed to deliver that month. When the pain started shooting through her body, all doubt was erased.

Presidential checklist: preparations in motion

05/02/2014 2:30am
In the latest prep work for a presidential campaign, Rand Paul is conspicuously courting moderate and establishment Republicans while Ted Cruz keeps up a travel schedule that has 2016 written all over it.

Czech churches critical of raids against Muslims

05/02/2014 8:30am
Czech churches are backing local Muslims who have been complaining about police raids in Islamic centers during prayers.

John Paul II's aide resigns as Krakow archbishop

05/02/2014 10:41am
The clergyman who served as the personal secretary of late Pope John Paul II has resigned as Krakow's archbishop, reaching the retirement age of 75.

Pope backs his new Vatican economy czar

05/02/2014 12:31pm
Pope Francis on Friday publicly backed his new economy czar, who is overhauling the Vatican's administration amid grumblings from some Holy See bureaucrats about a perceived abrasive and secretive style.

Elaine Pagels writing personal book on religion

05/02/2014 12:51pm
The next book by prize-winning religious scholar Elaine Pagels will be personal.

Glenn Beck gives religious sermon at Liberty University

05/02/2014 4:06pm
Conservative talk show and television host Glenn Beck recently delivered a sermon at Liberty University, the nation's largest Evangelical Christian college, speaking about "miracles" while infusing some Mormon theology.