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'Pay to play' on the Web?: Net neutrality explained

01/17/2014 9:24am
Pay a fee to be able to stream YouTube videos at full speed? That's the kind of major change to the Internet some are envisioning after a court ruling on what's called "net neutrality."

How to ensure your 'digital estate' is taken care of after death

01/17/2014 10:16am
Your digital life — from online bank accounts to frequent flier miles to social media — will likely outlive you. And with the fast changes in technology, it's important to have a plan on our estates.

Google develops contact lens glucose monitor

01/17/2014 11:41am
Google unveiled Thursday a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears, a potential reprieve for millions of diabetics who have to jab their fingers to draw their own blood as many as 10 times a day.

Suburbs cancel out cities' efforts to cut pollution, study says

01/17/2014 12:34pm
There are fewer greenhouse-gas emissions per person in cities, but their suburbs wipe out any benefits to the environment, according to a new study.

Utah researchers surprised to find large water source in Greenland Ice Sheet

01/17/2014 6:21pm
Researchers at the University of Utah were recently surprised to discover a water aquifer roughly the size of Ireland in the Greenland Ice Sheet.