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Parent outraged after diabetic student served pizza from trash

08/22/2014 7:22am
A Utah mom is outraged after she learned school lunch staff fed her daughter pizza that had been placed in a garbage can.

Pregnant cop denied desk job, forced to take unpaid leave

08/22/2014 8:19am
A heavily-pregnant cop in Kentucky is being forced to take unpaid leave after administrators denied her request to take a desk job until her baby with a rare disorder is born.

Mom designs app that forces kids to call their parents back

08/22/2014 11:49am
A Texas mom frustrated that her son never returns her texts has designed an app that takes control of a child's phone until they text or call their parent back.

Parents' guide to 'When the Game Stands Tall'

08/22/2014 2:01pm
This week sees the release of the true story of the De La Salle High School football team in "The Game Stands Tall." The movie itself tries to be an inspirational Christian film with uplifting themes and moral lessons.

Interpol seeks clues to Thai 'baby factory'

08/22/2014 7:30pm
Interpol said it has launched a multinational investigation into what Thailand has dubbed the "Baby Factory" case: a 24-year-old Japanese businessman who has 16 surrogate babies and an alleged desire to father hundreds more.

Parents capture unique view of their baby’s world using GoPro camera

08/22/2014 7:32pm
Watch out, Steven Spielberg. A California couple is giving their 10-month-old son a jumpstart on a filmmaking career in a very nonconventional way.

After ‘temporary’ paralysis lasts years, neighbors rally for mother

08/22/2014 7:50pm
Lori Brady's paralysis was sudden and unexpected. Now neighbors trying to raise money for a van so she can drive her kids to activities.

Mom runs 9 miles to deliver healthy baby boy

08/22/2014 8:28pm
Ashley Paulson of Orem ran 9 miles to Utah Valley hospital on Aug 16. to deliver her baby boy, Maximus. The mother of four also completed 1 Ironman, 2 half Ironman's, 5 full marathons, 9 half marathons, 1 sprint triathlon and one 5k while pregnant.

Pediatricians seeing increased number of hand, foot and mouth disease

08/22/2014 10:15pm
Pediatricians are reporting a higher number of patients with hand, foot and mouth disease in Utah.