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Professor pursues DNA test to identify body in Idaho cave

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 12:28pm

A former Idaho State University professor wants to solve a 1970s east Idaho death mystery and is raising money to find additional clues.

Vast gasoline lines form in oil-rich Venezuela

Scott Smith and Sheyla Urdaneta, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 12:16pm

U.S. sanctions on oil-rich Venezuela appear to be taking hold, resulting in mile-long lines for fuel in the South American nation's second-largest city, Maracaibo.

Average US price of gas drops 3 cents per gallon to $2.93

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 11:29am

The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline fell 3 cents a gallon (3.8 liters) over the past two weeks, to $2.93.

Insider Q&A: Velodyne advocates for safer self-driving cars

Tom Krisher, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 11:06am

Self-driving Tesla electric vehicles could be on the road sometime next year under CEO Elon Musk's vision to bring financial success to his upstart company.

APNewsBreak: Schumer calls for probe of Chinese rail tech

Michael Balsamo, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 10:10am

The Senate's top Democrat is calling on the federal government to step in and investigate whether a plan for new subway cars in New York City designed by a Chinese state-owned company could pose a threat to national security.

Graduation speaker pledges to pay class of 2019 student debt

Errin Haines Whack, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 9:54am

A billionaire technology investor and philanthropist says he will provide grants to wipe out the student debt of the entire graduating class at Morehouse College - an estimated $40 million.

Tribes, environmentalists battle copper mine in Arizona

Anita Snow, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 9:19am

Scenic State Highway 83 gently curves through southeastern Arizona's wine country, past waves of blond grass dotted with orange-tipped ocotillo plants before the dark Santa Rita Mountains loom into view.

The Latest: Reports: Rocket attack hits Baghdad's Green Zone

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 8:49am

The Latest on developments in the Persian Gulf region and elsewhere in the Mideast amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran (all times local):

UK leader promises a 'bold offer' on Brexit deal

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 8:19am

British Prime Minister Theresa May plans a "bold offer" to Parliament to win support for her Brexit deal, urging lawmakers to look at her ideas with fresh eyes.

Trump's 'great patriot' farmers follow him into a trade war

Sara Burnett and Scott McFetridge, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 8:17am

Iowa farmer Tim Bardole survived years of low crop prices and rising costs by cutting back on fertilizer and herbicides and fixing broken-down equipment rather than buying new. When President Donald Trump's trade war with China made a miserable situation worse, Bardole used up any equity his operation had and started investing in hogs in hopes they'll do better than crops.

A look at efforts to make legal pot foster social justice

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 7:14am

Questions about marijuana and social justice have played a prominent role this year in several U.S. states' debates about pot legalization. But other states and cities where recreational or medical marijuana already is legal have also endeavored to make up for the consequences and racial disparities of decades of policing pot.

Pelosi being honored with JFK Profile in Courage Award

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 7:08am

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being honored with the 2019 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

Pot 'legalization 2.0': Social equity becomes a key question

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 6:58am

Advocates for legalizing marijuana have long argued it would strike a blow for social justice after a decades-long drug war that disproportionately targeted minority and poor communities.

Austrian president eyes September as best time for new vote

David McHugh, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 5:42am

Austria's president said the first few days of September would be the best time to hold an early election after a covert video scandal shook up the country's politics and warned that the government needed to remain capable of taking part in important European Union decisions in the interim.

UN tells Italy proposed decree violates migrants' rights

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 5:02am

The Italian interior ministry vowed Sunday to press ahead with a new decree formalizing the closure of Italian ports to aid groups that rescue migrants, even after U.N. human rights investigators said it violated international law.

Saudis say they don't want war, but will defend themselves

Aya Batrawy and Fay Abuelgasim, Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 1:09am

Saudi Arabia does not want war but will not hesitate to defend itself against Iran, a top Saudi diplomat said Sunday, after the kingdom's energy sector was targeted this past week amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf.

In Iran, a plunging economy trumps fears of US confrontation

Mehdi Fattahi and Nasser Karimi, Associated Press  |  Posted May 18th - 11:39pm

Across Iran's capital, the talk always seems to come back to how things may get worse.

Defunct steelmaker's 21-story headquarters imploded

Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press  |  Posted May 18th - 10:43pm

Sixteen thousand tons of Bethlehem Steel collapsed in a matter of seconds Sunday as a demolition crew imploded Martin Tower, the defunct steelmaker's former world headquarters.

No longer in the dark: Navajo Nation homes get electricity

Felicia Fonseca, Associated Press  |  Posted May 18th - 10:28pm

Miranda Haskie sits amid the glow of candles at her kitchen table as the sun sinks into a deep blue horizon silhouetting juniper trees and a nearby mesa.