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Seeking a Path to Safety

Originally aired: Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Seeking a Path to Safety" is a conversation between KSL's Amanda Dickson and the leading thinkers from law enforcement, mental health, government and family about how we can keep our schools safer - and not just our schools, but our churches, theaters and other public places. How do we help the young people who have grown up never knowing a time when "school shooting" was not a thing? What can we do when we know someone who seems dangerous?   What part of the puzzle is arming our teachers or ourselves? What role does the media play, and lastly, what can each one of us do today to make a difference. Commissioner of Public Safety Keith Squires, Director of Child and Adolescent Therapy at Wasatch Family Therapy Clair Mellenthin and Former Chief of Staff to Senator Mike Lee/Current Opinion Editor of the Deseret News Boyd Matheson help us as we seek a path to safety.