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Long-term, intermittent fasting increases survival rate of heart patients, Utah researchers say

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Nov 17th - 10:26pm

Research by Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute presented to American Heart Association.

Two Arkansas chemistry professors accused of making meth

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 11:21am

Two Arkansas college chemistry professors have been arrested on charges of making meth, in an apparent case of life imitating art.

For heart disease, meds may work as well as invasive surgery, major trial shows

Michael Nedelman, CNN  |  Posted Nov 16th - 1:47pm

High-risk patients with stable heart disease may fare just as well on medications alone, versus having invasive heart operations such as stents and bypass surgeries, according to a major trial. The results were presented Saturday at the American Heart Association's yearly conference.

Study links Asian carp with Mississippi River fish drop

John Flesher, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 16th - 9:18am

A new study says sport fish have declined significantly in portions of the Upper Mississippi River infested with Asian carp.

Survey finds gain in endangered red squirrel population

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 15th - 10:17pm

Wildlife officials say an endangered squirrel subspecies in southeastern Arizona is fighting its way back after much of its mountain habitat was burned by a 2017 wildfire.

Why we should stop calling it 'screen time' to our kids

Elissa Strauss, CNN  |  Posted Nov 15th - 7:51pm

Can everything from logic video games, to high adrenaline racing games, to Facetime with grandma, to wildlife documentaries, to looking at family photos, to ninja cartoons really all belong in one category?

Bitcoin is back — but can the comeback last?

Paul R. La Monica, CNN  |  Posted Nov 15th - 2:32pm

Bitcoin, which recently celebrated its eleventh anniversary, has surged this year. Prices have more than doubled to around $8,500 in 2019.

The insect apocalypse is coming. Here's what you can do about it

Katie Hunt, CNN  |  Posted Nov 15th - 8:40am

It's being called the unnoticed apocalypse: The number of insects is declining rapidly and 41% of bug species face extinction, scientists say.

Astronauts start spacewalk series to fix cosmic ray detector

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 15th - 4:58am

Astronauts launched an extraordinarily complicated series of spacewalks Friday to fix a cosmic ray detector at the International Space Station.

Arizona’s tiny desert owl has new chance for protection

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 14th - 10:32pm

Environmental groups say a tiny desert owl that makes its nest inside cavities of Arizona’s saguaro cactus has a new chance for federal protection.

NASA warned of safety risks in delayed private crew launches

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 14th - 2:08pm

NASA auditors warned Thursday the space agency faces “significant safety and technical challenges” that need to be solved before astronauts fly in private capsules.

Trustees approve new degree program for UW

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 18th - 8:31am

The University of Wyoming’s Board of Trustees has approved a new computer science education certificate program that will help Wyoming K-12 teachers become qualified to teach computer science curriculum.

Snooze cruise: Study sees future for hibernating astronauts

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 18th - 5:55am

The European Space Agency says putting astronauts into a state of suspended animation could make it easier to reach other planets.

Italian police smash cross-border antiquities trafficking

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 18th - 4:12am

Italian police have broken up a cross-border criminal gang illicitly trafficking in archaeological artifacts clandestinely excavated in southern Italy for export abroad, authorities said Monday.

Jean Rivier, expert on stress hormones, dies at age 78

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 16th - 12:35pm

Jean Rivier, a chemist who led groundbreaking research on stress and helped discover drugs that treated endometriosis and prostate cancer, has died. He was 78.

Perdue defends, celebrates USDA agency moves to Missouri

Margaret Stafford, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 15th - 2:02pm

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said Friday that he has “absolutely zero regrets” about moving the headquarters of two research agencies from Washington, D.C., to Kansas City, despite continuing criticism that the move would harm agricultural research and make it less available to federal lawmakers.

Ex-astronaut set for trial in wreck that killed 2 girls

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 15th - 12:41pm

A former space shuttle commander is set for trial next month in Alabama on reckless murder charges in a wreck that killed two girls.

Man abused by teacher settles lawsuit with school district

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 15th - 11:23am

A West Virginia school district has settled a lawsuit with a man who says he was sexually abused by a teacher and fathered four of her children.

Nashville animal science teacher charged after emu dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 14th - 2:29pm

Tennessee authorities say a Nashville area high school teacher is facing a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge after an emu kept in her care at the school died.