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History-making mayoral race prompts a look back at Utah’s history of women's suffrage

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Nov 5th - 12:06pm

With a historic Salt Lake City mayoral election just around the corner, we decided to take a look back at the history of women’s voting rights in Utah, along with the roles of women in the state’s public offices.

Missed the voter registration deadline? Here's how you can still cast your ballot

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Nov 4th - 9:00am

Election Day voter registration was made legal in Utah in 2018 in part to give prospective voters a 'menu of options' to cast their ballots, supporters say.

Common hurdles in the way of voting and how to overcome them

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Nov 1st - 10:27am

The road to the ballot box can be difficult and disheartening, but increasing resources can provide hope and opportunity for historically underrepresented voters.

What’s the difference between Salt Lake City mayoral candidates Luz Escamilla and Erin Mendenhall?

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Oct 31st - 3:44pm

Salt Lake's mayoral election is in less than a week. Here's where the candidates currently stand on the issues.

In an age of voter apathy, can’t there be a better way to decide a winner?

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Oct 30th - 9:27am

Here are ways Utah is working to fix voting issues during a time when many voters feel like their vote doesn't matter.

Here's why Utah's rural areas often vote at a higher rate (and more conservatively) than urban ones

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Oct 23rd - 11:58am

The 2016 election threw into stark contrast a burgeoning political and social division between rural and urban areas.

You're sure your candidate is going to lose. Here's why you should vote anyway

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Oct 16th - 12:45pm

Not all political campaigns are competitive, and many districts are going to remain reliably red or blue this election season. So if your candidate won’t win, why should you vote? The answer is simple.

Mobile voting system used in Utah County subject of attempted 2018 West Virginia breach

Graham Dudley,  |  Updated Oct 11th - 4:23pm

The FBI is investigating an attempted intrusion of the Voatz mobile voting system during West Virginia’s 2018 midterm elections, throwing a spotlight onto an experimental app that Utah County used for the first time in this year's primary elections.

New threats, new solutions: How Utah's counties secure elections

Graham Dudley,  |  Posted Oct 9th - 1:49pm

While elections officials in Salt Lake, Utah and Davis counties express confidence in election security, they say the state can always do more.

Why do municipal primary elections even matter?

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Aug 9th - 12:05pm

There’s an unfortunate trend in elections. That is, voter turnout for municipal races tends to be significantly down compared to state or federal elections. It's even truer when it comes to municipal primaries. So, why do they matter?

I’m a new Utah voter — here’s how long it took me to prepare to vote in the upcoming municipal elections

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Aug 5th - 7:15pm

I moved to Utah nearly eight years ago. Now I'm finally official.

Fast facts on mayoral candidates in all of Utah's mayor cities

Katie Workman,  |  Updated Aug 12th - 8:21pm

If you aren’t sure where to start with casting your ballot for the primaries, here are some fast facts on each candidate for the mayoral races in all of Utah’s major cities.

What do you need to vote? Here's where to look if you don't know where to start

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 29th - 12:10pm

Even with the positive signs from the state’s voter base, there is still more that could be done to encourage voting. Elections officials will continue working to get out the vote.

How your politicians can serve you through casework

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jun 10th - 12:54pm

Casework can be life changing, but many Americans don’t know about it. So, we’ve done our research and reached out to the office of Utah Sen. Mike Lee to answer some common questions.

Here's how voter turnout varied in each of Utah's 29 counties

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Nov 27th - 12:46pm

Voter turnout in 2018 was so significant, it almost mirrored presidential election numbers for much of the state.