Have You Seen This? Baby can't stop laughing at her dog

Have You Seen This? Baby can't stop laughing at her dog

Have You Seen This? Baby can't stop laughing at her dog (RM Videos, YouTube)

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THE HALLWAY — The year 2020 was a rough one at best. I don't need to rehash all of it. And while 2021 had some bright spots, it still wasn't the bounce back we had hoped for.

We were all optimistic about 2022, but let's be honest, people. We are not off to a great start.

Omicron has been infecting pretty much everyone, events are being delayed, and worries are on the rise. Things have not been ideal the past couple of years, and it seems every news story is about how many cases of COVID-19 we have, or something else related to this virus, and none about how we're beating it.

That's why I am here today with my new friends: this little girl and this pup. We're here to get your mind off of all this insanity for a moment and show all of you that life is still good because things like this exist.

The video is pretty simple. This baby girl is shining a flashlight on the floor and her dog is mesmerized by it. Sure, watching the pupper jump around is fun, but the best part of this video is the hysterical laughter coming from the little girl. What she is experiencing is pure joy. And I have some good news: pure joy is contagious.

Listening to that laugh and seeing that smile will warm your heart. You may not be laughing out loud like her, but you will get a smile on your face.

I think we should learn a lesson from that. We don't all agree and we are all stressed out with the events of the last few years. While we clearly don't all see eye to eye, we are all human beings. Anger and vitriol is infectious and spreads just like this pandemic. But kindness and joy are also highly contagious and often the cure for the infection of animosity.

Let's make today a good day and spread some joy. Share this video, text a friend to say hello, be courteous to someone who disagrees with you. Let's see if we can be like this girl and her dog and make the world a little brighter today.

Have You Seen This?

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