Have You Seen This? Incredible flipbook made with 1 sheet of paper

Have You Seen This? A YouTuber artist created an incredible flipbook using 1 sheet of paper (and a lot of pencils and erasers). (dP Art Drawing, YouTube)

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THE ARTISTS ROOM — When I was about 11, my neighborhood put on a talent show. Anyone who wanted to could sign up and show off their unique talents.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of gifted singers, musicians and dancers who signed up to perform. Not wanting to be left out, I decided to show off my drawings. I had a notebook full of my work that I was pretty proud of. Most of my sketches were of famous cartoons that I did freehand from just looking at another image.

My mom was a trooper and helped me print out the images and make poster board-sized collages of my drawings. I showed up early to set up and started getting out the easels. I then looked around at the other artwork and reality started to set in: I was not an artist. Not even close.

Turns out there were some truly talented artists in my neighborhood, and they were showing off their wares while I was presenting a sketch of Deputy Dog that looked more like an old shoe with a badge. Needless to say, I was not the hit of the talent show and I received a lot of, "Oh, John. Those are nice. Keep working at it," type comments.

While I am anything but an artist I have great respect for those who are, like many of my old neighbors, and this woman.

YouTuber dP Art Drawing is incredibly talented at making flipbooks. At the beginning of the video, she shows you how much paper a flipbook takes to create — one is made up of 2,200 pieces of paper.

In an effort to save on paper, she decided to make a flipbook from one piece of paper and video record the process. The evolution is fascinating and her talent is undeniable. It's a blast to watch it all come together and amazing that she finishes even though the piece of paper literally starts disintegrating.

Kudos to all you talented people out there. Keep doing what you do, and I promise to someday find my talent.

Have You Seen This?

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