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Review: 'Encanto' is the perfect family trip to the theater

Here are a few reasons I had a great time with my family at "Encanto" and why we're excited to see it again.

Here are a few reasons I had a great time with my family at "Encanto" and why we're excited to see it again. (Disney Animation Studios)

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LA CASITA — Growing up, I loved Thanksgiving for a few different reasons. As an overweight kid I loved the food, obviously. But I also loved that my family would always head to the movie theater that weekend. There was always something new out, and it's a tradition I carry on with my kids.

This year we have already seen the big family release from Disney, "Encanto," because they came with me to the early screening. And we know what movie we're headed to this weekend: "Encanto." The kids can't wait to see it again and honestly, I'm looking forward to another viewing as well.

Here are a few reasons I had a great time with my family at "Encanto" and why we're excited to see it again.

The music

Let's start off with the music, shall we? All of the original songs were done by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda. I have absolutely no idea when he found time to do it with everything else he seems to be constantly working on. But even with his busy schedule, Miranda did not phone this one in.

The songs are infectious and get your blood stirring. Songs like "We Don't Talk About Bruno" will have you dancing in your seat, while songs like "Two Oruguitas" will have you on the verge of tears. The music is the soul of this movie, and Miranda and composer Germaine Franco do not disappoint.

We have been listening to the soundtrack in our home since we saw the film, and I am positive it will be requested for months, if not years, to come.

Stunning visuals

I feel like a broken record every time I review a Disney animated film, but the visuals in "Encanto" are gorgeous. It's funny to go back and watch "Toy Story" and see how far we have actually come when it comes to computer animation.

The colors are so vibrant and enthralling, and the vistas are mesmerizing in "Encanto." The film is supposed to take place in Colombia; and if this setting actual exists, then I am ready to move. I don't think we always give the credit the animators deserve, but this movie is a reminder of how talented these men and women are, and it should be recognized.

The message

"Encanto" is full of heart, laughs and adventure, but that's not what made me love this movie so much. Maybe it's because I'm becoming an old softy, but the message of family and what makes each of us special struck a chord with me.

I don't want to give anything away, but if you've seen the trailer you already know the premise of the film. A family lives in an enchanted house. When each member reaches a certain age, the house blesses them with a special gift. When it's Mirabel's turn, everyone is shocked that she is not given a gift.

With a sister as strong as a rhino, a cousin who can shape-shift, and a mother who can heal any ailment you can imagine, Mirabel feels left out. While our families don't have supernatural powers, I think all of us have felt like the black sheep or the outcast, at some point, even with those we love. It's easy to look at our sibling as the favorite and miss the things that make us special and unique.

"Encanto" knows we have all felt like this and wants to remind us that we all have something extraordinary to offer.

In addition to this, the focus of family and the bond we create is another message I loved from this film. We all make mistakes or choices that hurt someone else, but when all the dust settles we are family. No matter the wounds, we can heal them with a kind word, a little understanding and a lot of love.

Should you go see it?

I really loved "Encanto." It was fun, infectious and touching. It feels like the perfect family film where the kids and the parents will have a great time while also learning a thing or two.

It seems like Pixar has figured out the formula to make really great films while Disney Animation Studios makes fun movies with some great songs. It seems Disney may have cracked the Pixar code with "Encanto," because I think it's one of their best animated offerings in a very long time.

"Encanto" is rated PG for some thematic elements and mild peril.

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