Have You Seen This? It's like synchronized swimming but on land

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THE DANCE STUDIO — Sports are hard.

And doing a sport at an elevated skill level is much harder with all the general physical training, the specific diets, and the fine skills training needed depending on the sport.

With all that in mind, it seems odd that some sports get a bad rap, especially synchronized swimming.

They have to do all the training above, plus breath training, plus precise team coordination, plus a change in gravity, plus they can't touch the bottom of the pool. Maybe it's the waterproof makeup and nose plugs that make this sport feel open to scoffing jeers. Yet those things don't have anything to do with their physical abilities.

But interestingly enough, this article is not about defending synchronized swimming. And in the end, it's only peripherally about the sport. It's simply a means to an end to talk about a video that looks like a synchronized swimming move, but on land.

In this video, a group of men place themselves on their sides and into a circle formation that connects together at their hands and feet. Then they each do a "crunch" that brings them all together into a smaller circle.

The core strength and coordination needed to accomplish this are fairly impressive.

But the video also has a hilarious twist (no pun intended). As they roll out again to make the larger circle, they all moan and groan like a dad trying to get off the couch after a nap. And when the circle finally breaks, they all crumble as if they've just completed their first ever Crossfit class.

Basically, this video is just a wee bit of neatness and funny to help you smile for 20 seconds today.

Have You Seen This?

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