Lagoon opens for the season with new rules due to COVID-19 concerns

By Alex Cabrero, KSL TV | Posted - May 23, 2020 at 9:41 p.m.

FARMINGTON — Lagoon normally opens toward the end of March, but with COVID-19 concerns, park officials instituted new rules to protect workers and families.

One of the biggest changes is visitors have to go online and reserve their space ahead of time since Lagoon is limiting the number of people that can visit the park each day.

The families that visited on Saturday said it almost felt like normal again.

For Rachel Maldonado and her two young daughters, Saturday finally involved some twists and turns they were looking forward to.

“It's super nice. We’ve been stuck inside for so long that it’s nice to get out. It’s been hard,” said Maldonado.

Maldonado and her family were among the first guests at Lagoon as the Farmington amusement park opened its door for the first time this season.

Lagoon normally opens toward the end of March, but because of coronavirus concerns, the opening was delayed.

Even though all the rides and games still looked the same, conditions and rules at the park sure have changed.

“It’s absolutely different this year,” said Julie Freed, as she pointed to the face mask she was wearing. “The masks. Social distancing. We’re trying to make it as safe as possible.”

Freed is the director of special events at Lagoon.

She said workers are constantly wiping down surfaces and keeping their work areas clean.

Visitors are also required to wear a mask when they get into Lagoon, but once inside, they don’t necessarily have to wear it.

“You’ll see when we walk around, we’ve got our six-foot markers every single place where there’s a line in the park,” said Freed.

Freed said one positive aspect for visitors is Lagoon is limiting the amount of people who can come in, adding it gives visitors the sense of having the place to themselves.

“We are actually opening at about a 15-percent capacity,” said Freed.

That’s about 6,000 people a day.

It’s enough room to social distance and keep families a safe distance from other families.

“It’s nice because there’s not that many people, either, so that’s awesome, too,” said Devin Shipp, who didn’t tell his three children they were coming to Lagoon until they pulled into the parking lot.

“They wouldn’t have been able to sleep last night,” said Shipp.

Freed said riders are being separated on roller coasters to allow for more room.

There are also hand sanitizing stations throughout the park.

Families said they can still have a great time, but understand extra caution is necessary right now.

“Come on out and enjoy yourself,” said Freed. “Let’s make some new memories for 2020.”

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