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Disciplinary action taken against Desert Hills High cheerleaders allegedly involved in hazing

By Cody Blowers, St. George News | Posted - Sep 9th, 2019 @ 10:15am

ST. GEORGE — Allegations have come to light of a hazing incident involving several Desert Hills High School cheerleaders perpetrated against younger cheer team members in June.

The incident, which is currently under investigation by the Washington County School District, was captured in a series of videos.

The individual video clips show several older girls setting up the scene inside of a house. The younger teens are kept out of the room until each is brought in one at a time and told to lie down on the floor. A pillow is then held over their face and they are instructed to do sit-ups as quickly as possible once the pillow is removed.

In each video, while the younger teen is still on the floor with her face covered by a pillow, one of the older teens squats over the girl with her bare buttocks, which is painted with a red substance. Once the pillow is lifted, the younger girl sits up rapidly to perform the sit-up, but instead, her face collides with the older teen’s buttocks, transferring the red substance all over the girl’s face.

Washington County School District Communications Director Steve Dunham confirmed that there was a situation that is being investigated for possible misconduct.

Sources familiar with the incident say the older girls who allegedly perpetrated the hazing have been suspended.

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Cody Blowers

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