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Have You Seen This? Discovering the joy that is Costco

By Martha Ostergar, Contributor | Posted - Apr 14th, 2019 @ 2:00pm

THE WAREHOUSE — The Saturday anthem of what seems like every family in Utah is “Let’s go to Costco!”

“Industry” is our state motto for a reason, and since 1896, we’ve carefully crafted a reputation of large families, frugality, and eventually green Jell-O.

To support these three pillars of our community, it was only a matter of time until we all went gaga over the amazing deals and bargains that warehouse seller Costco brought into our lives.

We swooned over cheap, giant pizza slices. We frantically adopted vats of vegetable oil. We loving filled our freezers with a month's worth of meat. And, of course, we build up our food storage as far as it could go.

But for many of us, the wonder of a good deal has worn off. We’ve become desensitized and have started taking our beloved bargains for granted.

In an effort to fight this slippery slope toward ungratefulness, I present to you a full-grown adult man with adult children experiencing the joy of Costco for the first time.

In this incredibly wholesome and viral video, Tom Musto is like a kid at Christmas talking about all the deals he got: a pallet of water, a massive bag of pistachios, and a month’s supply of sausages.

The happiness is palpable and contagious, and the elation he feels about the prospect of getting a Costco card or his birthday is enough to make you see the world through rose-colored glasses for at least a few moments.

This video was posted on Twitter by Tom’s son TJ about a month ago. And even though it almost immediately went viral, I will take the shame of jumping on that bandwagon way late. Costco dad is worth it.

Martha Ostergar

About the Author: Martha Ostergar

Martha Ostergar is a writer who delights in the ridiculous that internet serves up, which means she's more than grateful that she gets to cruise the web for amazing videos to write about. Follow her on Twitter @monstergar.

Martha Ostergar

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