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Husband of woman injured in cabin explosion credits neighbors for saving her life

By Carter Williams, | Posted - Feb 21st, 2019 @ 3:45pm

HEBER CITY — The husband of a woman injured in a cabin explosion last week thanked those who helped save her life in what he called a miracle, in a statement to friends, family and media.

Lori Walker, 37, was injured when the cabin exploded last Friday while two children, aged 15 and 6, were in a vehicle outside, Wasatch County fire officials said.

According to a statement written Tuesday, her husband, Kelly, said Lori Walker smelled gas and went in to investigate it. Soon after, the cabin exploded.

Fire crews were dispatched to the cabin in the gated community on Lake Pines Drive in Timber Lakes about 6:30 p.m. Walker was initially trapped in the cabin, but neighbors Mark Pierce, Eric Staton and Nate Hammond were able to get her out of the cabin just before fire crews arrived on scene. Another neighbor helped the children out of the vehicle and retrieved an ax to assist the neighbors in the rescue effort.

Kelly Walker said Lori Walker was pinned under a couch, a beam and other debris. When the neighbors were unable to lift the beam, they yanked her out from under it. He added that one rescuer told him that his wife was inches away from being crushed by the beam.

“They carried her out and the building fell to the floor. The heat was so intense, they had to carry her off a hill into deep snow to get greater distance between them and the burning cabin,” Kelly Walker said. “For the next 30 to 40 minutes Nate, Mark, Eric and some rescue workers that later joined them, worked tirelessly to pack down a trail and carried her up to the ambulance.”


Lori Walker was taken to Heber Valley Hospital and then flown to University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. She suffered burns, broken bones and blunt force injuries, none of which are life-threatening, Janet Carson, public information officer for the Wasatch County Fire Department, said on Saturday.

Kelly Walker said his wife has had multiple surgeries with more planned in the future, but she had no damage to internal organs. Surgeries were successful in saving her one of her feet and one of her thumbs, he added.

Kelly Walker also said he believed the weather conditions helped in saving her life.

“The weather was cold and snowy, I believe another miracle is that she had to go instantly into the cold environment of that snow beneath the cabin,” he said. “The cold likely slowed or stopped the bleeding, slowed the heartbeat and prevented extensive bleeding.”

Friends and family started the online hashtag “#LightsForLori” in her honor as she recovers. Dozens of people have posted under it since the explosion.

“Lori radiates light and love to those around her,” one person wrote. “Lori does grand gestures and labor-intensive service. She is quick to respond to those in need and her love is not exclusive.”

“She is probably one of the kindest, sweetest, most gracious women-mother I know, and is such a sweet and instant neighbor to all,” another person added.

Kelly Walker said he appreciated the support his family has received.

“I want you to know that I’ve read every text and felt the prayers and fasting of the hundreds if not thousands of people,” he said. “Lori is my best friend and the most Christ-like human being I have ever known. I have been a broken man and have struggled to have faith that she will be okay. Your messages have been a source of strength.”

Carter Williams

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