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Have You Seen This? Dog is an escape artist

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Dec 5th, 2018 @ 1:15pm

WOOFINGTON — Sometimes you can't help but feel trapped.

Maybe it's sitting in a classroom watching the birds fly freely while you're stuck listening to a lecture on economic stability. Or maybe you're at work watching kids make a snowman outside the conference room window while you're knee-deep in a meeting about TPS reports. Or maybe you're at home watching a couple on a walk while you're stuck on hold with your internet provider trying to find out why your bill just jumped by $400 a month.

Whatever it may be that's making you feel trapped, this dog gets it.

This is Pickles and she doesn't like having gates put up around her. According to the YouTube description, she's been escaping places since she was a puppy. Eventually, her owners had to put her in the kitchen with two three-foot-tall gates, but that didn't deter Pickles. She merely jumped both gates and ran to freedom in the living room.

"We thought and quickly decided to set up a GoPro and put her back in the kitchen," the owner wrote on YouTube. "The video is what we captured. She has done this many, many times and never fallen once. She's unique, that's for sure."

Yesterday's Have You Seen This?

Unique is one way to say it. Supreme athlete is another, and ingenuity for days is one more. The other dog just stares like a prisoner at Shawshank who watched a fellow inmate break out and run to freedom while she's still sitting behind the prison walls imagining freedom while her friend basks in it.

Good for you, Pickles. Keep clearing those walls put in front of you and remind us that sometimes it's OK to head out and make a snowman.

John Clyde

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