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Ogden man accused of murder claims victim had followed his daughter

By Pat Reavy, KSL | Posted - Jul 17th, 2018 @ 10:25am

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OGDEN — An Ogden man accused of beating an older man to death claims he was angry because he had once seen that man peeking into his daughter's window, police say.

Jose Robert Zamora, 22, was booked into the Weber County Jail on Monday for investigation of murder and obstruction of justice.

The body of a 74-year-old man, identified in a jail report only as D.P., was found early Monday in an alley at 2610 Monroe Blvd. between El Pollo Rico and an apartment complex. Neighbors said the victim's name was David.

A witness told police that he saw Zamora go into the alley about midnight.

"A few moments after the suspect male went into the alleyway, the witness heard what he described as a physical altercation and a high-pitched scream," according to the report.

A short time later, the witness saw Zamora leaving the alley, "sweating profusely and breathing heavily," the report states.

Another witness told investigators that Zamora had seen D.P. sitting on a porch and stated "that he was going to 'kill that old man,'" according to the report.

Zamora claimed D.P. "had been following his daughter," the report states. When questioned by police, Zamora said "D.P. had followed his daughter in the past and that one night he had seen D.P. peeking into his daughter’s window."

Early Monday, Zamora said he saw D.P. sitting on the porch of his apartment and "his rage built, and he called out to D.P. asking what he was looking at and then proceeded to charge at him," police wrote.

As D.P. attempted to retreat into his apartment, Zamora hit him with a stick from behind, multiple times, the report states.

"After the assault, he began to leave but … returned and delivered two more punches to D.P., whom he states did not appear to be conscious," according to the report.

After returning home, Zamora threw away the clothes he was wearing as well as the weapon he used, the report states, and then went to his family's home in Davis County.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article erroneously stated Zamora is 23 years old.


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