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Have You Seen This? This 360-degree drawing will blow your mind

By Martha Ostergar, KSL.com Contributor | Posted - Apr 21st, 2018 @ 2:02pm

THE STUDIO — Creating masterful art on a 2D canvas is one thing, creating it inside every inch of a giant, vinyl balloon is quite another.

So prepare to be amazed by artist Oscar Oiwa, who draws incredible scenes while inside massive balloon structures.

In the video, fans hold the balloon open with air as Oiwa draws with and empties 120 marker pens. This particular structure is 7 by 10 by 4 meters (about 23 by 33 by 13 feet), but he has created inside a balloon as big as 12 by 12 by 6 meters.

The drawing is called “Paradise” and that name is not a stretch. Oiwa depicts lush landscapes and an incredible, swirling sky, creating an immersive experience of wonder.

Oiwa also uses canvas and other surfaces to paint and draw, but size is what matters. He says it's the cinematic feel of paintings on giant surfaces that really draws him in. He wants people to feel like they can live inside each piece of art.

If you happen to be in São Paulo, Brazil, between now and June 3, you can see “Paradise” in person at Japan House.

To see more of Oiwa’s process and work, watch this 3-minute mini-documentary or visit his website www.oscaroiwastudio.com

Martha Ostergar

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Martha Ostergar

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