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Have You Seen This? Utah man explodes ice with molten aluminum

(The King of Random, YouTube)

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KABOOMINGTON — When I was a kid and people asked me what my favorite subject in school was I'd always respond with "science."

I wasn't good at it, and truth be told I didn't really like learning about cell division, but in my kid brain science meant experiments where things blow up and look awesome. Turns out if I'd stuck it out and not let myself get bored I could have actually made it to the point where I got to blow some stuff up.

Grant Thompson is doing just that on his YouTube channel The King of Random. Thompson is from Utah and in his channel's latest video, they experiment with what happens if you pour molten aluminum into a block of ice. I'm not afraid to tell you that what does happen is not what I was expecting.

Yesterday's Have You Seen This?

In the video, a man pours the aluminum into the ice and shortly thereafter the whole thing explodes. If my calculations are right, this is what the equation for this phenomena looks like: ice+hot stuff÷science=kaboom. Feel free to check my math, but I'm pretty sure it's correct.

Now, we often tell you to not "try this at home," but I feel like you don't always listen. Please listen this time. Do not try this at home. Not only is this stuff insanely dangerous, but it could also be illegal, as Thompson found out. So be smart. Enjoy the video, and don't try to duplicate it.

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