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Alpine company raises over $682K for 'world's 1st no-pressure' pillow

By Liesl Nielsen | Posted - Sep. 29, 2016 at 2:01 p.m.

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ALPINE — While everyone hopes for a good night’s rest, it’s not always easy to get. One Alpine-based company, however, is seeking to provide their customers with just that.

In January, Purple, a fairly new but rapidly-growing company in Alpine, produced an advertisement designed to showcase the new comfort technology patented and used in its first official product: a mattress.

Widely circulated on social media, the ad quickly went viral.

As part of the ad, Studio C actress Mallory Everton dropped raw eggs attached to the bottom of 330 pounds of tempered glass onto a Purple® mattress. The eggs remained unbroken, squished between the mattress and the glass and highlighted the mattress’ ability to cradle the body’s pressure points while still supporting the back.

The ad garnered, not only interest in the mattress, but over 10.5 million views, with many commenting that they couldn’t believe they had sat through —and enjoyed —a 4-minute ad.

Now, Purple has a new product in the works that they are dubbing as the "world's first no-pressure head bed:" the Purple Pillow.

As of Thursday afternoon, backers had pledged more than $682,000 through Purple’s Kickstarter campaign, nearly $655,000 more than the company’s original goal of $25,000. And the campaign still has 22 days to go.

According to Purple’s Senior Marketing Specialist, Savannah Turk, the campaign was funded within three hours.

“The ad (for the mattress) was fresh and funny… so there was already a large fan base surrounding the mattress… people were calling to tell us how it had helped them get a good night’s sleep for the first time in years,” Turk said. “(The success of the kickstarter) can definitely be attributed to the interest that people already had in the Purple mattress.”

The mattress and pillow are both created with Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, a patented technology invented by the company’s founders, brothers Terry and Tony Pearce.

“The key discovery came when Hyper-Elastic Polymer was molded in a shape that could ‘relax’ under pressure points, redistributing the pressure to other areas,” according to Purple’s website. “The same feature turned out to give amazing back support in mattresses.”

Since Purple launched in January 2016, they’ve grown from 30 employees to over 340 employees and have added 574,000-square feet to their manufacturing building.

“The founders, Tony and Terry Pearce, have been granted 38 patents in the advanced cushioning arena and 16 patents and patents pending cover Purple's current and near-term products,” Turk said.

According to Turk, the company will also be launching four new products by the end of this year as they seek to provide comfort for people in all aspects of their lives.

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