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Wednesday's Child — Williams family adopts Dominic

By Ashley Kewish, | Posted - Aug 13th, 2014 @ 6:45pm

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Author's Note: Each week, KSL brings you the stories of children living in foster care right here in our own communities. These kids need our help, and the opportunity to find a permanent home.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Williams family loves playing games together, and room around their kitchen table just got a bit tighter since they adopted 12-year-old Dominic.

“I happened to see Wednesday’s Child and Dominic was the Wednesday’s Child,” said Terrie Williams, Dominic’s mom.

KSL first introduced you to Dominic back in February of 2012.

He was a little boy with special needs, but his biggest need was a loving home.

“He was bowling and a sweet all around kid,” Williams said.

Terrie couldn't get the image of Dominic off her mind.

“I was pretty excited from the get go,” she said. “I’m not so sure about my husband.”

The couple recently adopted three girls, and Karl Williams wanted to make sure they could properly provide for a boy with autism.

Terrie and Karl Williams adopted three girls. Then they saw Dominic on Wednesday's Child and knew they could give him a loving home.

When he met Dominic in person, he knew this little boy was meant to be his son.

“He likes to do a lot of things with me,” he said. “It was a change from here with the girls who wanted to curl my hair.”

Karl and Terrie want other families to know the joy that comes when you open your home to a child in foster care.

“It was free flowing,” she said. “It was just a really easy process for him and us,” she said.

The Williamses agree they would do the whole thing over again if they needed to. Now, Dominic's picture has a permanent place on the mantle among all the other family photos, and a permanent place in the hearts of his mom and dad.


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