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Noble male role models subject of local project

By Robynn Garfield | Posted - Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 6:28pm

SALT LAKE CITY— A Utah native is working on a project he said he hopes will boost the visibility of good male role models in society.

Adam Gray, 25, has been collecting personal stories from around the country from people who said they have a positive male influence in their life.

He plans on compiling the stories into a book he titled "A Gentleman's Story". He said the idea for the project came after watching the recent Video Music Awards on MTV.

“Weirdly enough, it was Miley Cyrus,” Gray said. “I'm not really into mainstream pop culture but lately you can't really get around the Internet without reading about her. She was getting a lot of flak about her stage performance with Robin Thicke. Throughout the whole ordeal, you never heard much about Thicke's role in the whole thing. I think this guy is married with kids, right? He's on stage creepin' on this young girl.”

Cyrus and Thicke performed a provocative dance number on stage at the awards show. Critics called the performance innapropriate and overly sexual for mainstream television.

Gray said the public’s reaction to the musical number made him think about the need for positive male role models in society.

I want to help show the world what true men look like instead of what we see in pop culture.

–Adam Gray

“The whole thing about Thicke's creepiness made me think we'd all be better off not hearing about any of it, but instead hearing about good people who contribute value to the world and to the people around them,” Gray said.

He’s been hitting social media outlets and local classifieds, asking people to submit their stories.

“If you have an interesting story to tell about a chivalrous male role model in your life send it in.” Gray said. “I want to help show the world what true men look like instead of what we see in pop culture.”

Gray said he plans on compiling the stories he receives into an eBook for people to read online. He hopes to collect at least 15 good, solid stories from people about strong male role models in their lives.

“There are heroes everywhere, they just don't get talked about as much,” Gray said. “I grew up with four brothers and know the importance of having a strong role model.”

He’s already received stories that he said restore his faith in the modern man.

“My first response was from a lady who said she was very much in love with her boyfriend,” Gray said. “He saved her from an emotionally abusive relationship and helped turn her life around.”

To submit your stories to Gray’s book, email them to

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