Buy this absurdly small home for only $500K

By David Self Newlin | Posted - Jun 27th, 2013 @ 4:16pm

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LOS ANGELES — Home is where the heart is — and also where your underwater mortgage is.

If you're going to ruin your life with a house you can't afford, you might as well do it on one that's less than 500 square feet and in L.A.'s trendy Los Feliz Village where you can hang out with Kristen Stewart and the Kardashians.

Realtor Tracy Do recently listed the home located at 1755 N New Hampshire Ave., "a small house with a big upside," as she puts it on her website.

Coming in at 480 square feet, the home boasts an avocado exterior, "Abundant natural light," a water-friendly yard landscaped with rocks and cacti, one bedroom and one bathroom. It can also double as the coffin in which you are eventually buried.

It's right down the street from plenty of shopping on Vermont Ave. Just make sure to stop by the neighbors to store all the things you just bought.

You, too, can have all this for the completely reasonable and not exorbitant price of $449,000.

Utahns might find this listing a bit odd. In 2011, Utah ranked number one on the list of states with the biggest homes, coming in at a median of 2,305 square feet. With a median cost of $220,000, that puts the price at about $95 per square foot.

Compare that to the $935 per square foot for the bungalow on New Hampshire Ave., and one begins to quickly see how different the markets are for Robert Pattinson verses the average Utah family.

On the upside, it has a gas stove. Which is the best kind of stove.


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