Humor website steps in to save NH 'banana man' who lost life savings

By David Self Newlin | Posted - May 2nd, 2013 @ 4:04pm

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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — When you lose your life savings to the abyss of notoriously difficult carnival games, never fear — the folks at are there to buy the dreadlocked banana that's all you have left to show for yourself.

After hearing the story about Henry Gribohm, a man who spent $2,600 playing a carnival game with the intent of winning an X-Box Kinect for his children, decided to step in and help the man get his money back.

They've said they'll donate $.10 for every Facebook "like" they get for a video they produced, calling the incident "a tragic tale of deceitful, evil carnies taking advantage of an eager father."

That means if the video reaches 26,000 "likes" the man would have all his money back. Furthermore, if the post reaches 30,000 "likes" they'll send his kids an X-Box Kinect, "because no kid should be without an X-Box Kinect.

"Everybody wins. Henry gets his money back and he gets an X-Box Kinect for his kids. And we here at College Humor get a giant banana with dreadlocks, something we've all been asking our boss for for years and years and years," said Streeter, a member of the staff in the video.


Gribohm lost the money playing a game called "Tubs of Fun," wherein the player tries to get two softballs info a plastic tub.

"The two guys at that game knew what they were doing, and they were very good," Gribhom told the Union Leader. "I know I fell for it. I was feeling good and I never recognized what was happening, but you just don't think about that at something like a carnival like this."

After returning the next day to complain, the canival's management gave him $600 and a giant banana with dreadlocks. That fantastic banana was what inspired the video fundraiser.

As of Thursday afternoon, the post had over 30,000 likes, meaning the man and his kids would get their money and their video game system. But everything is not yet set in stone. They need to speak with Gribohm and have asked anyone who knows the man to have him email so he can claim his winnings.

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