Eat a cupcake, save a life: Bakery teams up with vaccination charity

By Kristin Sokol | Posted - Apr 25th, 2013 @ 7:37pm

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SALT LAKE CITY — You may have heard about the delectable cupcakes at the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shops located throughout Utah, but you probably didn’t know that eating one on Friday could save a life.

The Shot@Life non-profit group, which provides lifesaving vaccinations to children in developing countries, is celebrating its first birthday with cake by partnering with the Sweet Tooth Fairy.

“The Shot@life mission really resonates with me,” Sweet Tooth Fairy founder Megan Brown said. “It’s such a simple thing. A lot of us are so flippant with the way we spend $20 at Target or buying groceries. It’s crazy, that same amount of money can pretty much save the life of a child.”

On Friday, April 26, The Sweet Tooth Fairy’s Provo, Draper, West Valley and Murray shops will all be staffed with Shot@Life volunteers offering a specially made red velvet cupcake to patrons who visit their in-store display from 1 to 4 p.m. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the program and its cause.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy believes in charitable giving and has championed other causes.

“I hope our customers will donate to Shot@Life. We instituted our 'Bake A Difference' initiative as a way to actively try to give back and participate in community fundraising events,” Brown said.

“We’re hoping the Sweet Tooth Fairy customers, especially women, will want to help,” Shot@Life volunteer Kathy Dalton said. “It’s about Utah moms joining the effort to be part of a global motherhood.”

Dalton, a Utah blogger, is the author of AdventureMom.TV and volunteers for the Shot@Life campaign.

“Here in Utah, most of us put our kids in the car and drive a few miles down the street to the doctor’s office for our kids’ vaccinations. Working with Shot@Life has painted a real picture about how mothers in developing countries spend two or three days walking in the hot sun to have an opportunity to stand in line for vaccinations their kids need to live healthy lives.”

Shot@Life, a part of the United Nations Foundation, has already made a significant impact on the world’s diseased child population. Polio has been eradicated in all but three countries of the world thanks to these united vaccination efforts.

“We live in a global society…we rely on each other as residents of earth. We provide things for each other,” said Jenny Eckton, a Utah blogger and Shot@Life volunteer mentor.

Eckton traveled to Uganda last year, seeing first-hand the need for global support in providing vaccinations to developing countries.

Getting every child in the world protected against preventable diseases is the focus of the Shot@Life organization. It especially focuses on vaccinating the children who are least likely to make it to a doctor or a hospital.

Dalton says anyone can help.

“I know there are Utah moms out there who feel a kinship to mothers across the world struggling to raise their kids. Donating to Shot@Life is a simple thing anyone can to do help and getting a free cupcake in the process never hurts.”

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