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Google Doodle honoring Cesar Chavez on Easter upsets Twitter users

By David Self Newlin | Posted - Mar 31st, 2013 @ 9:24pm

SALT LAKE CITY — Google is known for its doodles, reinterpretations of the Google logo that either dazzle, entertain or commemorate something. The latest doodle, however, has some people up in arms for honoring Chicano labor leader Cesar Chavez, rather than the more predictable Easter holiday.

March 31 was Chavez's birthday, and the search page featured a portrait of Chavez in front of a farm field. Not only is it Chavez birthday, but in 2011 President Barak Obama declared March 31 to be Cesar Chavez Day.

The doodle had some who were observing Easter Sunday, which also fell on March 31, criticizing the giant search engine for not having an Easter-themed doodle.

"My blood boils when I think that Google won't even recognize Christ on EASTER SUNDAY but rather recognize Cesar Chavez. #switchingtoBING," said twitter user Matthew Kennedy.

His was a sentiment shared by many, especially people who claimed a conservative or religious background. Even pundit Glenn Beck got in on the tweets.

"Cool for Google to not celebrate Easter but really?!!? Go to . HAPPY Caesar Chavez day everybody! #HELIVES," he said on the social media site.

Chavez co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, which has since become United Farm Workers. He was and continues to be an important figure in the Latino community for his work. In Salt Lake City, 500 South also bears the honorary name Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard.

Many people expressed praise for Google competitor Bing's home page, which featured colorful Easter eggs.

The doodle also left some confusing Cesar Chavez with the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"It appears that Google views Hugo Chavez more important than Easter according to their #Google artwork today #Easter," said Twitter user Rod Davis.

The confusion included, briefly, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and a website she heads called Twitchy. Her site's article was later updated to reflect the correct Chavez.

This year's doodle seems mostly in line with Google's past in avoiding the holiday, and in general most religious holidays. Google has not had an Easter-themed doodle since the year 2000.

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