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Massive snow removal operations under way

By Jed Boal | Posted - Feb 1st, 2013 @ 8:59pm

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FARMINGTON — Snow stopped falling two days ago, but many Utah communities are still trying to clear it out of the way.

"It's great to see the sun again," said Kirk Schmalz, Davis County's public works director, "but we've got a lot of snow to get out of the way."

At the Davis County Sheriff's Office parking lot, plows load a steady stream of trucks with snow — once light and fluffy but now salty and sandy — to be taken to the county landfill. Each load carries 10–12 tons of snow.

"Since we've just been here talking, (there have been) maybe 20 truckloads," Schmalz said. "They're probably going to do another 20 to 50 truckloads before they get it all out of the way."

It's a huge job. Plow crews have loaded truck after truck with snow for two days. Equipment operator Jarime Nance has been pushing snow since the week began.

"I knew we had quite a bit, but when you start piling it up, that's when you start thinking about how much you've really got," he said. "We have not had this much snow since I've been here."


"Those three storms that came through one after another really put a strain on us, so they're ready for a break," said Schmalz. "The first of next week I think will be back to normal."

The parking lot at the Davis Conference Center must be clear for 2,000 women who will show up for a conference Saturday, so crews pushed the snow into a mountain in the corner of the lot. About 150 truckloads were taken to the fairgrounds.

In Salt Lake City, a similar operation is under way in the central business district. It's happening at night, when the city is not crowded. Thursday night, crews removed 600 truckloads of snow and dumped them at a location on the west side of the city.


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